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Dealing with Single Parents

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Because the web-folks have put scouter.com back "on time", my answer precedes your question. For those who wonder, this applies to the ladyleader's post below!!!


The Rank card which accompanies the Cub's (Tiger, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear) patch is almost always accepted without question.


Additionally, unless I'm wrong, Akela still initials the book!! Since Akela can be Mom or Dad as well as you, the book is the source document for advancement info.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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Yes, we have Packmaster. One copy resides on the CM machine, the other on my machine. My CM has been entering info and transferring it to ours. Sounds like a pain but he is moving up and my husband, the pack treasurer, will be maintaining the program. My scout has completed all his achievements and he will receive his badges at the B&G in April. If the rank card that accompanies the badge is sufficient, do I still have to print out his achievement history from Packmaster? Is it overkill to do both? And yes, I will be handing the information to the registering parent.

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As has been stated before, the new Pack will NOT really need ANYTHING from you.


The scout will start fresh in his Wolf year with the new Pack.


If you have the time & inclination, give his folks a copy of the Packmaster printout, if not fine, it is NOT needed by the new Pack.



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If a Cub has a RANK completed (Tiger, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear), and the Council Registrar has done their job, then the boy will have rank level info in ScoutNet.


From a very experienced Cub Scouter, this also includes Activity Pins for the Webelos portion of Cubbing.

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