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Ceremony for adding streamers to Pack flag...

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This month marks my last month as a Cubmaster (my son is bridging), and we have planned out an elaborate ceremony for our Webelo IIs (all 9 of whom have earned their Arrows of Light and are moving on to Boy Scouts!).


The boys decided to give the Pack (out of their "den money") a new set of flag poles and flags (US and pack flag) as a thank you present. We, the Webelo Den leader and I, started discussing how to present the new flags and poles at the Pack meeting, when the our Advancement chair piped in that we also have 4 streamers to add to the Pack flag at this meeting.


I was just curious if anyone has a ceremony for adding the streamers to the flag? Since this is these boys last "hurrah", I thought that I would have the 4 boys who aren't in the color guard present each one of the streamers and attach them to our Pack Flag immediately following our opening, but I was looking for something a bit more elaborate. So, I am hoping someone out here has an idea I can borrow, beg or copy.





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Nope, sorry, we don't do a ceremony for streamers. Our CM will show them to everyone after the opening & explain what we received them for & that will be it. They will be put on the flag later when we can take it apart & mess with it.


Maybe you could incorporate it into the presentation of the new flags. Or, do something with the theme of the evening. Cubstruction is this month, maybe you could have the 4 boys come up with hard hats, shovels, & buckets, saying something about what they just "excavated" by your meeting place. Then they would each pull a streamer out of their bucket.



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EVERYTHING should have some ritual, some ceremony attached to it.

After the "battlesribbons" got to be a little cumbersome, we got some tri-fold presentation boards and glued all the streamers to them, chronologically, for display at B&G, etc. The most recent ribbons were on the Pack flag.

When we received a new ribbon, the CM would announce the new ribbon,(usually after rank awards), how the Pack had earned it, and then ask one Cub to come forward (most advanced, most deserving, soon to move, pick a reason) and hold the Pack flag pole down, then call another Cub forward ( same criterion)to tie the ribbon to the pole. Much pride exhibited. Make sure to rotate this "honor" thru the Pack. YiS, SSScout

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