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Crossing Over Dilema

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Quote: >>Now at last minute parents want other Troops invited and SM is not wanting that. I forgot to mention the other SM won't attend something another Troop is hosting>So, as my hubby and I are discussing a way to include all boys anyway, the SM calls to say he will be happy to bridge all boys just doesn't want the other SM there.

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Your point is well-taken. The unit hosting the ceremony has responsibility for the agenda. They may or may not also have all the "stuff" that goes with the ceremony.


I note in this case the Troop receiving most of the boys held the ceremony at the front end of their campout. That works as well.


You are SPOT ON on "keep the adult politics out of delivering program to the youth."


BTW, I think I finally have this Scout math figured out: It's 168 minus ANOTHER hour a week. ;)



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The crossover is Pack's responsibuility, not the Troop. See page 22-2 of the Cub Scout Leader Book (2001 edition):


"Webelos Scout Transition to Boy Scouting"

"Pack Responsibilities"


"Plan a meaningful crossover ceremony at the pack's blue and gold banquet that includes the presence of troop leadership to accept the Webelos Scouts as they graduate to Boy Scouts."


Obviously, the Pack and Troop need to coordinate how this happens, and if the Pack allows the Troop to run the show, so be it -- but your SM / UC is mistaken when he says crossover is a troop responsibility.


When Webelos II boys can cross into different troops, it only makes sense that the Pack plan the ceremony and invite the various SMs to participate.


I understand in this situation, conditions changed. The receiving Troops & SMs need to get over their issues and work to coordinate this event for the benefit of the boys.


Of course, that's easier said than done. I wonder if they've given any thought to how their inability to work together will affect the choice of Troop by next year's Webelos IIs?


Good luck, and please keep us posted.

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We had our crossing over ceremony last night. Nice affair. We 13 boys from our pack , plus one Webelos from another Pack crossed over to 3 different troops.

We had the OA come out and do the ceremony for us, campfire , tiki torches and with cookie cake afterwards. This was my fourth ceremony a Cubmaster, looking forward to the next one when my son gets to crossover :)

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Unbelievable. What Scout (age not important) would EVER turn another Scout away from his camp? Scouter4321 has it all.

As CM, I knew our pack had the responsibilty for the C/O ceremony. We always made sure our Webs had invites to visit our neighboring troops (5 or 6), since we had no "connected" troop. No uninformed choices. We would do it at a barbecue in the spring. Our District OA group always made a bang up appearance with flaming arrows and appropriate words as the Cubs crossed the bridge. Not unusual to have 2 or 3 SMs to receive the Cubs. I would remove the blue epaulets and the SM would replace them with red ones as the boy crossed the bridge. Once the SM forgot the red epaulets! We borrowed some from the UC and the OA group! As Bob the Tomato says, "It's for the kids".

How long ago was the slight that required THAT SM to not be allowed in THIS SMs camp?

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Unbeleivable? NO, I think not.


The SM asked for and received the ok to conduct a campout cross-over for the boys joining his troop. Thats what he has done. Regardless of who the book says should be running it, he asked, got permission and then carried out the plan. Now at the last minute someone else wants to step in and join in his troops campout and ceremony. Why should he allow it?


If the other troop wants the webelos to cross-over to thier troop, why don't they plan a ceremony and conduct it for the 2 boys.


We have done elabarate ceremonies for just 1 scout.

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Nldscout, What's "unbelievable" here is that apparently one, or maybe both, of the SMs in question won't participate if the other does.


I agree that last minute changes can be unwelcome and someone has to draw a line somewhere, on some occasions. I do think, though, that 17 days is enough time prior to the ceremony that changes could be accomodated. Heck, we've made changes the night before and I know all kinds of folks who could (probably will) come out with stories of changes they made a couple hours before the event. Sounds to me like these SMs have let their petty squabbling and/or power tripping interfere with the main focus of the program - the boys. That's "unbelievable."





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My bridging ceromony (10 years ago) was from 2 or 3 weblos dens in 1 pack, going into 2 major local troops and 1 scout into a smaller local troop. The pack was "affilaited" with 1 of the troops, but was a pack that fed all 3 troops.


The cermonly was put on at another troops' propertly with fire circle, etc. We bridged and "our" new scoutmaster and troop gave us our neckerchief, book, etc.... very nice ceremony, with appropriate involvement from all troops...


Even if you just had an ASM and PL from the other troop(s) - someone to "accept" the scout bridging into that troop... it shouldn't upset the bridging ceremony that much...

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