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Any Pack Meeting ideas for a "Computers" theme?

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We've been working on the computers pin in our small pack (7 boys), and for our upcoming pack meeting, I'd like to have a computer-oriented theme.


My wife will make a computer-shaped cake, but I was wondering if anyone has any other ideas for an activity or presentation that might work?

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Our den did a "computer" theme last year and we had so much fun with our display for the Pack meeting. I contacted several computer shops in town to ask if they had a box of junk parts lying around somewhere they'd be willing to let a great group of Scouts have. They were HAPPY to oblige. I got loads of memory cards, connectors, wires, boards, discs, motors, fans, you name it. I added paper clips, twist ties, old AOL cds, that sort of thing. I divided it evenly among all my boys and gave each of them a bag of computer junk. Their instructions: make SOMETHING from what you have in your bag. We found that hot glue worked best to attach parts. We challenged them to use everything in their bags :-) If I remember, they only had a week to do this at home but the results were amazing! We had Godzilla, a dog, a space satellite, a robot, more. Each boy used his imagination and came up with something fabulous! Everyone else in the pack thought our display was AWESOME! Our boys were beaming and it was perfect for the theme. And the parents enjoyed working with their boys on this - we were so proud of their creativity.

When they earned their awards that night, we used an old memory card made into a keychain and hung their bag of awards from the keychain.


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