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ISO suggestions for Cubs in the Future

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Oh, I've used those goofy little beads.... boy do they make a mess when you drop them on the floor! You need to cover the design with something and use a hot iron to fuse them, the instructions come with the beads. Definitely need adult supervision if the boys will be doing these!



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Those are Perler Beads. They come in many colors including neon and glow in the dark. You have to lay them out on a template that fits tiny spikes into th eholes on the beads. The beads come in a bucket with several templates and a reuseable protective paper that you place on top of the bead layout before fusing with a hot iron. You would probably have to freeform your rocket or space cub design. Not sure how you'd fuse the snaphook on--pass through the top bead before ironing or use string. I've seen the beads in craft supply shops, Target/Walmart toy section, and I think Toys-R-us. Good luck!

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For our B/G, each den will be assigned one part of the Scout uniform and needs to design it as it might look in the future. This is supposed to end up being our table centerpiece. Not eactly sure how that's going to play out - having a pair of pants or a belt as your centerpiece? huh?


Seems like Cubs In The Future goes perfectly with "outer space and planets" theme - 1,000 ideas come to mind for that centerpiece :-)


Take Me To Your Leader!


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This theme "Cubs of the Future" interested absolutely no one on the Blue and Gold committee, nor any of our Cubs that we talked to. Our theme this year is "Hollywood". The boys will make bowtie neckerchief slides and their own Hollywood stars. The Fellers cake bake will feature cakes representing Hollywood movies and we may make movie posters with the boys' faces in them. Ideas began flowing like water when we agreed on this theme.

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Cubs in the Future -



Space: The New Frontier -



Blast Off -



NASA Space Place -



If the links are not working well the roundtable handouts are for :





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