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Blue & Gold Ceremony Question

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I wouldn't have the boys who didn't earn the AOL participate in the AOL Ceremony, that wouldn't be fair to the other boys who worked hard & earned it.


The boys that haven't earned the AOL & want to continue & meet the age requirements for Boy Scouts should cross over with the boys that earned the AOL.


The boy who won't be 11 til May & if he hasn't earned the AOL at the B&G could cross over to Boy Scouts in May or June. You could have a simple crossing over ceremony at a pack meeting in May or June with the SM & a few boys from Boy Scout troop that he wished to join in attendance.


Good luck!



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I guess I would have them participate in the ceremony, but in a support role. Maybe something akin to a military 'crossed-swords' tunnel (crossed hiking sticks?) or something. Perhaps they can hold the AOL awards for the presenter?



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I've heard conflicting information about what my son (Webelos I) will be able to do at next year's Blue and Gold. He skipped a grade in school and will be nine next week. At B&G, next year, he will have just turned 10. If he has earned the AOL, will he be eligible to enter a Boy Scout troop, if he feels ready? The Web book says 10 years, but I have heard 10 1/2 years from several people.

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We attempt to get boys to have their AOL earned by the Blue & Gold. This year, it appears none of the Senior Webelos will make it. (Example of parents that want to run a Den by Committee, instead of one strong leader! Probably should be a whole different thread on this!)


In the past, we always had the Senior Webelos stay with the Pack after Blue & Gold, until March or April, depending upon the boys' preference. We then hold a separate Cross over Ceremony at a Pack Meeting. It also allows the Senior Webelos to compete in the Pinewood Derby at Scout-O-Rama, but the Seniors never seem to win the Pack Webelos competition, so they walk around and check out Boy Scout Troops to see if they missed one that might be of interest. That way, some boys were able to continue earning their Arrow of Light.

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This discussion is extremely relevant to me, and I need some input from all of you. My son Ben will actually turn 10 in May. He will have earned his Arrow of Light by March and would like to join a selected Boy Scout Troop on the first week of June. His Den/Pack leaders are suggesting he participate in an AOL ceremony in February, with Webelos II's who are also getting AOL and Bridging to a Boy Scout Troop. They plan to give Ben the AOL in March. Since he's the only one who's planning to cross over in early June, what are the chances/expectations that he will actually get a crossover ceremony at all? Another question: once a scout has earned and been awarded the AOL, can he still earn additional belt loops and pins?

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I take it your son is currently a Bear Cub Scout in 3rd grade?


Is his den leader on board with him working on his Webelos and AOL requirements basically on his own? As a parent, you will no longer be able to sign off on any and all Webelos requirements, as you have done with Wolf and Bear. The Webelos den leader is the one who will have to check his work, and approve/sign off on it. Will he also be working with the 5th grade Webelos den in order to cover some of the requirements?


Why the hurry? What is the reason for the March AOL date, and the June 1st crossover date?

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Scouter Bruce,


We had the same situation last year. WebII boys bridged in March at an elaborate ceremony at the Pack. WebI boys completed their AOL by May. They bridged in the summer to different troops (yes, they met the age requirments). The bridging they did was at a troop meeting. Less elaborate but in some ways more meaningful.


If your boy has the social maturity for the big boy pond of Boy Scouting I'd contact the SM of the troop to make arrangements. Otherwise wait a bit.


-- AK

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Personally, I wouldn't stand fast to the letter of the rules if the happiness and success of the boy is at issue.


Suppose a boy hasn't earned the AOL but his buddies are crossing over to a Troop in February. The boy wont turn eleven until May.


Personally, I'd consult with the boy's parents and perhaps the boy to see what he wants to do. Maybe he wants to soldier on to earn the AOL and cross over later -----fine.


Or perhaps he's not interested in the AOL but wants to cross over with his buddies, and his parents like that idea too.. If that were the case I'd make that happen.


His Scout application would probably be accepted even if he isn't eleven. Even if it weren't he could stay registered as a Webelos and participating in the troop until he turns eleven.


I might note that most councils recruit Tiger Cubs in the spring when they are in Kindergarten and technically not eligible to join.


Sometimes some judgment is called for in applying the rules, in my opinion.

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What everyone says is true a boy can join Boy scouts with the ARROW of light at 10.


Scouter Bruce your son could have completed all but one of the requirements for the AOL he could not have finished it till December with a May birthday.


But the AOL cannot be earned in Cub Scouts till 10 1/2.


here is the requirement


1. Be active in your Webelos den for at least six months since completing the fourth grade (or for at least six months since becoming 10 years old), and earn the Webelos badge.


So unless your 10 year old is already a fifth grader he does not qualify to earn the Arrow of light(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)

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You are also confusing Two ceremonies.


The first is the AOL ceremony and the second is the crossover.



If the boy did not complete his AOL then ZERO ceremonys at the Blue and Gold. They did not meet the requirement, but the best part is they still have 3 months to finish before they age out.

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Sooo you could have a 12+ year old Webelos 3?????? Makes sense.


During recharter a couple of years ago, I had a 11+ year old webelos that scoutnet would not let me put keep him in the Pack........ I don't remember his exact age.


I will add that my son received his AOL a month early. But one month is much different than 8 that bruce is talking about.


I will also add that my son has been active with the troop since he was 4 years old, part of my agreement to become ASM. So my son was not your typical Webelo, he had been an active member with the troop for 6 years before he crossed over. he camped, hiked, fished and did as much as he could with the troop.


My daughter is following the same path.....My wife and I are crew advisors and she is 9 years old and is attending outings with the crew.


Thx for the correction.









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