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Need easy idea for fixing something

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Repair a picture frame

Repair a small stool

Repair a lamp

Repair whatever they have broken around the house.


Have them go thru their basement/attic/garage junk with their parents & bring in whatever broken things they have that their parents feel could possibly be mended. Sort thru the stuff, talk to the boys about it & pick out 1 thing for each boy. Have each boy bring the materials to fix it to the next meeting.

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A fun one that is electrical but using a safe type of current (12 VDC) is replacing a doorbell switch. Any house could do with a new switch and it involves a pliars and a screwdriver.


Patch a wall dent w/ spackle. Uses spatula, sandpaper, paint & brush.


Fasten "raised" nails on a wooden deck. Use a hammer to drive the nail back down, then use a drill/screwdriver to put in a deck screw such that it overlaps the nail head.

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It does say to fix something. I think this means to show that they know how to do the job, not that the job needs to be done. Even if its a radio, show how to replace the plug, even if you had planed to throw it away, this would be a excellent cadaver so to speak. I am sure we all have some things floating around in our garage, basement, or attic.

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