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First Class badge for Weeb requirement

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I had a link for a disected first class badge to teach the parts of the badge. Now that I need it the link is no longer active.


I wanted to have the boys glue the parts to a manila folder backer and be able to explain and then lay out the parts.


I can make my own but if one already exists on the web that google hasn't found please let me know.


Thank you in advance for any help rendered.

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I didn't know there was a link, but I had made a puzzle from the First Class badge when I worked with Webelos. I enlarged the image in full color, printed it out, then laminated it and cut it into pieces. This way the boys could assemble it more than once. I learned during this time that they had no idea what the Webelos badge meant (not sure how they earned it without knowing, so we recapped), and I made a puzzle of that as well. They didn't seem to mind reviewing the badges this way, and they worked together. Just another idea in case you need it.

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I know the website to which you refer and was most dismayed to find it down.


When Nephew was working on this I printed up some Scout Badge print outs and had him draw the other elements on. I also printed out some 1st class badges and he labeled them with what the items stood for.


Sheesh, a year later he can still remember them...lol


Good luck



CM - P102

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Print out a complete First Class badge on a 11" x 17" sheet of paper.


Get a 11" x 17" piece of 1/8" plywood. Apply a thin coat of Elmer's Glue to the whole side of the plywood and lay the sheet of paper on it. Apply another thin coat of Elmer's Glue over the paper. It will dry clear. Then find someone in your unit with a jig saw and have them cut it out into the segments.


You now have a permanent jig saw puzzle of the badge.


If you like the flash card approach, you can always use a Sharpie marker to write the meanings on the back of each piece.


Stosh(This message has been edited by jblake47)

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