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Scouting lunchbox filled with prizes and a Pinewood Derby car.

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Hello everyone,


I been seeing a lot of pack's stating this in news reports. Is this a national thing or a council item.


If anyone know anything about this or has more info please let me know. I am looking into different ideas to get boys to join on our open house.






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This is part of National's registration theme this year - Race to Scouting, It's Fun At Every Turn. It is a National promotion, but it is up to the individual council how (or if) they implement it.


Contact your District Exectutive.





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From what I understand from my Council (Calumet in NW Indiana) -- this is a special program for this fall only. The cars and the boxes, etc. were donated (or underwritten) by General Motors for the fall round-up. How Cool is that!!


My Council is distributing them this way:

We held our Round-up and then went into the Council Office to pay for the 17 boys we recruited. When we had piad, the Council gave us 17 "goody boxes". I would've loved to have had them at the Round-Up, but can see the Council's stand on this paying in advance -- (sometimes it's all about money & membership!) We will now hand them out at the next Pack Mtg. I did have to "finagle" two extras out of the Scout shop employee for 2 Tigers that we registered over the summer (they wanted to go to Day Camp) -- that was quite a little hassle, but I talked her into them! :)


I think it is a great little thing for this fall. We are talking about inviting local GM dealers to our District Pinewood Derby (with all their literature as an attempt to sell cars, of course!) to say THANK-YOU!


just FYI..........




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In our council, the kids get a "driver's license" when they register including payment. They then get to take their license to council shop, to get their box with the pinewood derby car. It makes it easier for the DE than carrying hundreds and easier than CM trying to deliver. It gets the kids to the scout shop and hopefully encourages them to go ahead and get uniform and handbook, etc, etc. It also cuts out the parents who spend the money to sign the kid up to temporarily appease the kid, but don't intend to spend the time to get their kids involved. Anyhow it seems to work for us.

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