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Should Cubs wear uniforms to outdoor activities?

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Hello all. I'm a new Cubmaster for a very small pack (5 boys!).


We're going on a short day-hike this Saturday, and I'm not sure if I should have them wear their uniforms. They usually wear T-shirts underneath, and it could get pretty hot here in Southern CA. Is there a protocol involved?


Also, are there any hiking related belt-loops or badges for cub scouts? I can't seem to find any.





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No, they shouldn't wear uniforms on a hike. They are not designed for that type of activity. Ideally, they'd wear an "activity uniform" (aka "Class B"). That is, if your pack has a t-shirt, or if they have a t-shirt from an Cub Scout activity, or just a generic t-shirt from the scout shop.... But if they don't, just wear something practical.

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Welcome Cineburk. I'm also the CM for a very small Pack (Though we are up to 10 if everybody comes back).


As Eagle suggested, they should probably wear t-shirts if they have them, but if they want to wear their uniform shirt I'd be the last one to discourage it. When our dens do activities like this we often opt for T-shirt and Scout hat as it still makes them feel like Scouts (in addition to making identifying your group easier).


As far as hiking related items for Cub Scouts - hiking is item 5G for Tigers, if you take garbage bags and gloves you could pick up trash for Wolf 7D or it could be elective 18F for Wolves. If could also (with trash pick up) be Bear 6G, and 12B if families come. There is also the Leave No Trace award and the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity award that this hike could be used as part of.


Good luck and enjoy your hike. I have found that with a little planning almost any activity can be made to meet an elective or requirement for Scouts...so much so that Nephew now asks "And what will this be for Scouts?"


Michelle - CM - P102

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I am also new cubmaster for a pack started 2 years ago. Our first year we wanted everyone to wear their uniform, to build pride and respect for uniform. This year we added a 'class B' uniform for outdoor activities (hiking, camping, and working on service projects).


msnowman is right, if they want to wear the uniforms,let them. You could encourage them even though they would be more comfortable in t-shirts. There is something about a boy in his uniform.


I guess it all depends on comfort concerns and distance of hike. The shirts will hold up fine.


Good luck!



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I am standing at the end of the line with msnowman when it comes to discouraging the wear of the Class A uniform. True, the Class B is a better alternative - if you have one. But, in my opinon, the Class A is better than a non-scouting shirt. Despite its dark color, it a relatively light material and should be cool enough for them. Just becareful they don't tear them up :)


Have fun!

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If you'll be in the public eye a decent portion of the hike, the uniform is a great PR device.


We usually requested that the Cubs leave the things that can fall off easily at home- pins, belt loops (don't ask!), buttoned-on things, etc.


Pack T-shirts are also a great idea. With a small pack, you can jsut use one of the BSA t's if you want and iron on a pack number on the sleeve or something.

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My Pack has designed a Pack t-shirt and we wear it on most outdoor activities. It shows who we are and the boys love to wear them.


I also would never tell a boy he could not wear the uniform. We wear the uniform on all service projects.


Remember to have fun and let the boys be boys.



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Even in our troop we don't require uniforms on things like troop hikes and such. We don't require them on camping trips except for when we are traveling. 1. the uniforms are expensive. 2.

regretfully they aren't really designed for hard activities.

We have troop tee shirts that they boys wear with jeans.

My biggest gripe on the pants is the lack of pockets. When I work outdoor skills training it drives me crazy. I need my pocket knife and my compass. The pockets aren't large enough. So I end up with a fanny pack to put this stuff in and it is always getting in the way.


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