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I know the rule about you cannot be a Bear until you have completed the Second grade and are eight years old. But, that is the minimum...


If I have a child who will be in the fourth grade next year who wants to be in a Bear den, can he? The only way that this boy will join is if he is in the same den as his best friend who is one year younger.


Is there any kind of a rule about this?

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The programs for the different Cub levels are based on a boys needs & capabilites at a particular age.


A Bear has completed 2nd grade or is age 9.


A Webelos has completed 3rd grade or is age 10.


I do not think that BSA's computer system will accept his registration at the Bear level. This boy does not meet the joining requirements for a Bear. He does for a Webelos.


Another thing to consider, no matter what level you register him in he has only 2 years to be a Cub Scout while his friend has 2.5-3. Once this boy completes 5th grade he can no longer be registered as a Cub Scout. He will have to move to a Boy Scout Troop or drop out. If his friend is not ready to join a Troop at that time what will happen?


Convince the boy's parents that Webelos is the place that is right for him. He can get together with his friend at Pack meetings & activites. They will have more to talk about this way and it might fire up his friend's anticipation for what awaits him as a Webelos (& then a Boy Scout)!

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I believe that ScoutNut is correct. But this is not unusual for a youngster. Many want the security of ready-made friends in school and other activities. However, Cub Scouts is a great way to meet NEW best friends! Of course he won't accept that reasoning, but be assured that if he joins the WEBELOS den, he will make new friends and he'll still have his old friend too.

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There is a boy in the pack that is a Bear. He is 10. He was held back a grade in school. It was decided to keep him in with the boys is was in school with.

But in your case I would try to talk him into being with his grade level. Unless you are LDS the program is set around grades. LDS is set for advancement on their birthday.

To be honest there will be lots of things that the two will do together. Family Camp. Cub Fun Days.

Cub resident camp. Cub-O. Just because they are in different Dens does not mean they won't see each other.

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