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Please pray for one of our own!

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I am CM for our Pack, based in south St. Louis County, MO.


With a heavy heart, I post here asking for your prayers for one of our Bear Den Leaders, who has been diagonsed with inoperable brain cancer.


Steve K., who isn't even 34 years old, I think, had surgery a month or so ago but the doctors couldn't/didn't 'get it all.' We are told that Steve might not have more than a week left on this Earth.


He has been a devoted and fun DL for his Den and our Pack for three years now. His family -- wife, son/current Bear, and daughter -- are terrific people and beloved inside our Pack, and public school as well.


If you pray, please, then, pray for Steve and his family. Maybe there is a miracle in store for him, through prayer.


Thanks very much.


And also, hug your loved ones. Tell them you love them. And never part company being angry with them. Because the only guarantee we have is this one moment in time. Everything beyond that is up to, I believe, our God.



Oakville Tim


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