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75th anniversary skit or puppet show-please help!

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I recommend reading the Kipling's Jungle Book. Disney used the characters for its version, but there are differences.


Puppet shows can be very simple. The boys can make bag-puppets for Akela, Mowgli, Baloo, Sher-Khan, etc. and 'act out' a scene or two from the book. I think it would work better if you let them use their own words for based upon the scene.


BTW, reading the book is one step for the 75th Leader Award.



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This is a Skit we did at a Pack meeting. It was very simple. You might have to change the wording a bit to fit your area.


Cub Scout 75th Anniversary Skit

The Boys will line up at front of Room holding cards that spell out 1930-(one one card) Cub Scouts-(One card for each letter) 2005-(on one card)


Scout 1: Lord Baden Powell said it best, lets put these boys to the test.


Scout 2: Ernest Thompson Seton said it too. Lets see what these young men can do.


Scout 3: Uncle Dan Carter Beard said lets start it here. Tri-state Boys, get your gear!


Scout 4: William Boyce and Dr. James West put in their ideas and did the rest!


Scout 5: Boy Scouts of America was Born!


Narrator: The only problem was that almost every Boy Scout had a little Brother that wanted to be just like him! Ernest Thompson Seton addressed the younger boy problem by creating Cubbing.


Scout 6: Many changes we have seen. Lions came and went. Instead, Webelos Scouts pitched their tents!


Scout 7: Tigers now roam everywhere, chasing the Bob Cat we all share.


Scout 8: Den Mothers became Den Leaders. Day Camps sprouted up.


Scout 1: Camping, Singing, Games and more. Looking for fun, the boys were sure to score!


Scout 2: Pinewood Derby Cars race down the tracks, leaving Scouts cheering as they pass.


Scout 3: Weve collected Tires, food, and clothing, in times of strife and times of war.


Scout 4: If we were needed, we kept collecting more.


Scout 5: Over five million boys have passed through Cub Scouts, on their way to become men.


Narrator: Former President Clinton, Gold Medalists Bruce Jenner, and Mark Spitz. Even actor John Schneider, and Country Singer George Strait.


Scout 6: Over 14 former Astronauts even started out as Cub Scouts.


Scout 7: Cub Scouts. 75 years and still having fun.


Scout 8: Boy Scouts. Because Boys will be Men!








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