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Recruiting Tigers in May?

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Here are some I can think of...




Starting up in scouts in the Spring (when school is almost out) is probably less stressful for scouts/parents then in September (when school is just beginning). Scouts and parents can get adjusted to this thing we call 'scoutin' without the pressures of school and distractions of most sporting activities (e.g., t-ball in spring and soccer in fall).


Outdoor activities/go see its are a little easier to come by in the warm weather of spring/summer than the colder weather of fall/winter.


An earlier start gives scouts more time to work on advancement requirements, reducing the 'stress' of trying to earn the Tiger Rank in 5-6 months, in time for B&G for example.


If the pack has a strong summer calendar, then the new scouts can enjoy warm weather, fun outings right off the bat which will pique their interest in scouting.




Summer vacations can wreak havoc on a new Tiger den's ability to get together during the summer. But maybe the den decides to just enjoy the summertime pack events instead of trying for den meetings during this time.


Recruiting again in September will require den leader's effort in working with two sets of boys at different advancement positions.


If the pack has a poor summertime activities calendar, you run the risk of losing the newest recruits, who may be given the impression that there isn't a lot to scouting. The first couple of months in Tigers has probably the highest dropout rates. If it isn't fun, you will lose them.


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The advantage is that many of the boys have seen their school mates doing scout stuff for the last 9 months or so and some are eager to join. You have the advantage of giving them a fun filled warm weather (outdoor) program before beginning to work on the book.


They also have the opportunity to attend camp one year earlier.


Theyll have the advantage of being organized in the fall, without any startup issues. Leaders should already be chosen.


The early recruits will bring new recruits with them in fall, hopefully giving you a larger group of Tigers.


The down side is that you have to offer them a great, and active summer program. You can not sign them up in May, then have no meetings. And of course the existing leaders will most likely bear the brunt of running this new den for the near term.


If your district or council runs a robust late spring and summer program for Tigers, this is a great thing to do. If you have leaders who welcome the idea of working with new Tigers this is a great thing to do. Just remember that if you recruit them in May, you have an obligation to offer a program for them.


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This year we are going to try to recruit in June.

the first activity will be a Pack Picnic. Picnic is already planned. We have two Dads set up to be leaders.

We will do a minimum of three activities this summer.


Family Picnic(food, lacrosse, hike around rock formations)

Minor league baseball game

Another Family picnic at a gun club that owns a panfish pond

Visit the Uss Slater(WW2 ship that takes about an hour to tour.)

Keep it simple make it fun.

Make a few summer events but concertrate on high quality.


One recruiting speech I copied from The DE included going into school to address the kids with a backpack full of stuff from the Sports and academics award subjects. I asked them to raise their hands if they liked to fish...then held up a fishing rod. At the end of the talk the pack was empty and the kids were tired of raising their hands. The parents thought it was great and the kids did too. Good luck. Make the kids smile.


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