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Where can I get a book of all the patches/badges

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The BSA has a publication called the Uniform & Insignia Guide but it does not show all the patches and badges just the placement of them. There are also collectors guides out there that show many of the patches through out the history of Scouting. I know of no guide to all the opportunities for awards for there are many that are local (i.e. camp or trails for some) or temporary (i.e. Cub Scouting 75th).

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Unfortunately, there is no single guide that lists all available awards. Many Councils and Districts have specialized awards, so no single national publication could ever hope to catalog them all.


You can ask your local Scout shop about about local, non-rank awards; you can search the Internet and participate in various Scouting discussion groups to find out about awards like 75th anniversary, Outdoor Program, etc.


Some Pow-Wows do a class on special awards & patches.


I wish it were easier.


Fred Goodwin

Alamo Area Council

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