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I need any / all input on this....please???

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Hello again everyone.

Hope all is good with you.


If I may, I would like to just describe my den (and all that involves) to the board and perhaps some of you can point things out that I could do better, stop doing, start doing etc. All input is very very welcome. This is for the good of my Bears, afterall.


DECEMBER 2004 ----

I was handed the Cub Scout Program helps book, the "How-to" book and a list of telephone numbers and oh yeah, my 4 Bears. I wasn't trained although loving the internet as I do, I did learn and did do the fast track deal.


Anyway, I jumped right into the theme which was December 2004, and actually followed the theme helps book to the letter for the first meeting. I pretty much did the same for the following 2 or 3 meetings after that. I figured everything was alright except the reaction from a couple parents, threw me off I guess. The reaction was A SUPRISE that I had brought the materials to follow the theme, and that I did an opening and closing ceremony etc. The comments were "wow! how cool. we actually unwrapped a framed picture of our son on Christmas!" So, I was confused. Why were they "wowing" me for doing and bringing the materials neccesary to make the crafts etc? Didn't other Den Leaders do it this way?


We meet once a week in the cafeteria of the school. I have the Bears (5 now) and at the same time we are having our meeting there is also a tiger den (3 tigers) meeting in the same room. We are both new the whole Scout scene and he knows nothing (same as me) about leading a den..etc. Is this what makes up our "pack??" (the 3 tigers and 5 bears) When "Pack" meetings happen, will this be us in the same room again like every week or will there be other schools coming? (obviously we havent been to a pack meeting yet)


OK! on the subject of achievements, the Bear trail etc.......

At the den meeting I sometimes incorporate things from the handbook, and have signed a few requirements off BUT I have no idea whatsoever on what my bears are trying to accomplish (yikes!) and how to advance them accordingly.. I want my Bears to GROWL and ROAR and I want them to be doing the things they should be doing to accomplish whatever they are trying to accomplish. Badge, Boy scout...whatever it is.

Is that what I should be concentrating on, is the Trail? or the Theme? and is there a deadline they are facing?


OMG! I'm sorry. I could rattle on forever. I ABSOLUTLY WILL NEVER LET MY BEARS DOWN but, sometimes I feel I'm not the right one for the job.


Help anyone?


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Hi Singmee,


It sounds to me like you are doing a great job if your parents are "wowing" you. The other leaders probably asked each of boys to bring some craft supplies or something to that effect.


As for the Bear Book...


There is 4 sections in the book (God, Country, Family and Self) with a total of 24 requirements. In order for a boy to earn his rank he must complete the following # of achievements in each section...God 1 of the 2), Country 3 of the 5, Family 4 of the 6, Self 4 of the 11. Any additional achievements they finish counts towards Arrow Points. It takes 10 achievements for 1 Gold/Silver Arrow Point. The first 10 are for the Gold Arrow Point (only one can be earned per rank), the others will count towards Silver Arrow Points.


Our dens incorporate the theme and achievements together. In other words they do a craft that has to do with the theme but would also count for an achievement or arrow point.


As for a time range on completing a rank, as long as they complete it before the end of the school year.


I hope this helps.

Good Luck!

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Is there a Cubmaster? It is a requirement.

Is there a Committee? 3 members are required.

Does the Committee meet? They should meet monthly and you should be invited.

The Cub Scout helps the Pack go by integrating some of their (*Den) meeting plans into what the Pack is doing for the monthly meeting.

Dues is taken up and given to the Committee person in charge of finances.

Advancements are communicated to the Committee person heading that up.


There is a District level beyond the Pack that can help with training, quality control, answer questions, etc. Find out more from your District Executive.


You are on the right path and you are not alone.




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"Is this what makes up our "pack??" (the 3 tigers and 5 bears) When "Pack" meetings happen, will this be us in the same room again like every week or will there be other schools coming? (obviously we havent been to a pack meeting yet)"


Like FB, I am confused. Is there a Pack? Who handed you the "How to" book? Why haven't you been to any Pack meetings? Are you in contact with 'Pack people' like the Cubmaster and Committee Chair?


It sounds like you have gotten off to a good start with your den. Keep it up! Focus on fun and advancement and you can't go wrong. Attend your district's training (your cubmaster can direct you) and your Council's Pow Wow training event.


The themes and program helps can be very helpful, but don't feel constrained by them - use your own imaginiation and the ideas of the scouts and other parents as well. From an advancement point of view, the goal should be to complete the requirements for the Bear Rank prior to their crossover to Webelos. A couple of arrow points are always nice too. But the main thing is to make it fun and rewarding so that they continue in scouting.








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singme, you're getting good advice so far. Better than that, you've shown you're concerned and trying hard yourself. We all wish you tons of luck, and are eager to help. You have a lot going on in that initial post of yours. Sounds like a big problem!! But it's not. It's just a pile of little ones.


First, to help with your Bears: You're just gonna need to find the time to sit down and read the Bear Handbook - cover to cover. That will ease your mind and help you see what a good job you've already started doing!


Second, find your Cubmaster and Committee Chairperson and have a nice long talk. There are some significant details that should have been explained to you when you where given those startup materials. If you can, get a copy of the Cub Scout Leader Book - it will help clear up a great number of organizational details.


You'll probably have more questions after you've read the book and chatted with the Pack Leaders. Come on back and we'll help with some of your concerns.


Good Luck,

Have Fun - the rest will fall into place!



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OK - First off, if you went thru the entire Fast Start Leader Training then you should have a decent working knowledge of the various Dens, what a Pack is and what happens at a Pack meeting. It also talks about advancement, how to set up a Den meeting, the roles of the Cubmaster & Pack Committee, & mentions what a Charter Organization is.


Since you meet at your elementary school I would bet that an organization at the school is your Pack's Charter Organization. Check that list of phone numbers you have for your Cubmaster, Committee Chair, & Charter Representative. Find out from them when/where your Pack Committee meets, where/when your monthly Pack meetings are, what's going on about Blue & Gold which should be this month (Feb) & get a Pack calendar. Get a Assistant Den Leader ASAP.


Your council, Crater Lake, has a pretty decent website. They have online Youth Protection Training along with online Cub Scout Fast Start, both should be taken.




This has the date/time/place of your District's monthly Roundtable Trainings. Go to the next one & talk to your District Training Chair to find out when they will be offering New Leader Essentials & Leader Specific Trainings.


Your Den meetings sound pretty good. The parents are wowing because they are new to Scouts too, or are they? Maybe last year's Den Leader didn't do much. Most of the Cub Scout achievements are ment to be done at home with the family. Make sure your families are aware that they should be doing this. You can make them a list of the things you will be covering in Den meetings & let them know they are responsible for the rest.


Good Luck & Have FUN!


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