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Perfect Attendance and Service Stars

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If a boy has been in scouting from Tigers through Webelos 2 with perfect attendance each year, should he have 4 or 5 perfect attendance bars attached to his perfect attendance pin? I am thinking each rank (T, B, W, W1 and W2) would be a year?


Also, for the service stars....again, if the boy has been in scouting from Tigers to Webelos 2, how many stars should he have and what year number should be on each star? Thanks!

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W2 would be the problem. Most boys join Cubs or Tigers in the fall, so your start month would most likely be September. Now days most Webelos to Scout Crossovers are done by March - your would be hard press to get the last year in as it is at the most six months. Yes you become a Webelos in the spring, so also do you change to Wolf or Bear in the spring --- therefore the time in Tigers or Wolf is more like nine months than a year. The total year pin time for a boy starting out at Tigers to aging out of Boy Scouts at 18 would be eleven maybe twelve years.

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