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Need suggestions for B & G center pieces

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I'm wondering what all you scouters are doing for the B & G dinner center pieces. I have no idea and would love to hear your great deas.

Any and all suggestions GREATLY appreciated. This is my first time in scouting.

Are you also doing placemats or place cards and have the kids make them?

Thanks everyone....

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Not sure yet. The boys make 4 centerpieces in each Den. I am leaning towards the history tree things for my guys, but I want to see what other ideas they come up with. We will probably make a decision at next week's Den meeting.

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This place is AWESOME....


Go to www.makingfriends.com up in the top go to the scouting link.. then the blue and gold.. They sell and they give directions...


I made the lanterns and the 75th and the fleurdela (sp?) AWESOME ... you will love it!

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