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Colored Duct Tape

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We are making our table decorations for the Blue & Gold Banquet and we are in serious need of blue, yellow and green duct tape. Does anyone have any?


All we can find here is the 5 color rolls and we would have to buy about 15 or more of those. All we need is 2 blue 2 yellow and 1 green.


Thanks for you help.

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We are making 75 blue and gold duct tape roses for our centerpieces. If we have enough left over we are going to make placemats also.


We cant use electrical tape its not wide or sticky enough.


I have tried Hobby Lobby and they dont have it.


All the BigLots around here have closed down.

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my son the almaost an eagle scout tells me it has to be duct tape- duct tape is cool,,,but I have made blue and gold roses from rolls of crepe paper. I pinched the bottom around a pipe cleaner and pinched-rolled untill it looked like a tose bud, Use your fingers to give it shape. Yoe can by in a craft store a roll of green florest tape. Tightly cover the pinched end of the rosebud and continue douw the pipe cleaner to make a green stem. all this should cost less than $5.



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