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Our Tiger Den Is Falling Apart Too

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I'm having the same problem with our Tiger den, as cubmaster73, it's a little different situation.

Our pack is a small pack also (30 after school night). 12 of the boys in our pack are Tigers. We made two tiger dens. "Den 1" had 7 boys, 2 never showed up at any meetings, 1 boy has never showed up at den meetings but shows up at pack meetings. It seems that 2 boys (and PARENTS) have quit but never called the den leader and won't answer the phone or call him back when he leaves messages. This leaves 2 boys, his and 1 other boy who has been to every meeting until last night, the boy who has always showed up missed last nights meeting without a phone call.


I got a phone call about 8:30 last night from the den leader say that he is "Hanging it up". That he is tired of trying with little to no response from the parents. I really had nothing to say to him as I too was in the same situation just a year ago, but I had two boys (parents) show up for everything.


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Have you read Eagledad's posting on this subject matter? This is my 1st year in Scouting and TDL to boot but now a CMA. I had parents (2 to be exact) who wanted to meet only once a month at the Pack Meeting. I wrestled with trying to understand what the problems were. Everyone in my chain couldn't quite say it the way Eagledad did.

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