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WHEW! NOT GOOD!( L-O-N-G post)

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Hello ML2,


Again, if it's not too late, I didn't see suggested in any of the posts that if there is a unit Commissioner available, that person may be able to help the leaders, parents and program. Do you have a unit Commissioner? Is that person involved?

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My son moved to a nearby pack. During an initial conversation with the CM, he disclosed that he had several Cubs who had come from the other pack. He also relayed to me that he had requests from the DE to help the other pack, but when he approached them, he was turned away.


The pack my son is now with is one that the CC from the other pack spoke badly about. Yet, my son has been welcomed and is having a good time.




If there was a unit Commissioner he wasn't actively involved. He was never identified nor present at any meeting.



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