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Need help with a Prayer

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I need a little help, we are looking to find a prayer that we can open Pack meetings with, we would like it to be short and easy for the Cub Scouts to remember and recite each month. Any suggesation would be appreciated.






Pack 49

Augusta, Ga

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Our Troop often uses the Philmont Grace for a closing prayer:



For food, for raiment,

for life, for opportunity,

for frienship and fellowship

we thank thee oh Lord.



It's short, easy to learn, and has meanig for every level of Scouting.



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Cub Scout Prayer

(Tune: O Tannenbaum)


Lord, in this evening hour I pray,

For strength to do my best each day.

Draw near to me that I may see,

The kind of Cub that I should be.


In serving other, let me see,

That I am only serving Thee.

Bless me, Oh Lord, in Thy great love,

That I may be a better Cub.




A Cub Scout Prayer

Help us, dear God, to love thee day by day

To do our duty to you and enjoy our play

To keep our cub scout promise the best that we can

And to do our best always to help our fellow man.



There's a bunch more at the website.






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