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woggles or slides

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Hi all. I was wondering what your favorite homemade/handmade slide is. since nearly all my den has neckerchiefs now I thought we could start to make some. I only need 2 more neckerchiefs (Wolf) to have my den complete. So, what was your favorite and how do you make it?



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Pine Cone w/wire loop hot glued for Fall


Toy Car Wheel W/loop hot glued for Pinewood Derby


Paperclip Angel for Christmas


And my fav everyday one - Tree limb slice with Tiger paw print wood burned in.


My fav one I did for the boys was for the Webelos crossing over to BS a few years back. I did a tree slice with the flur d' lies (sp?) shape burned in.


You can go to the $1 or party stores and browse thru the small trinket section. Then just hot glue a wire loop to the back.


Any Girl Scout SWAPS would work. Just attach a loop instead of a pin:







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Well, this is not going to help you much with your immediate project, but my favorite neckerchief slide was (and is) the "Scout Sign" slide (a hand giving the Scout sign) that my father carved and gave to me one year at summer camp when I was 16 or 17, with my name and the date written on the back. It was from a kit sold by the BSA at the time (though I think the "kit" consisted only of a solid wood block, a little "slide" piece to glue on the back, and the diagrams to make the hand look right.)


My son's favorite slide, the one he wears for indoor activities (and carefully removed before doing any running), is the identical slide, also carved by my father, upon my son's return from his first Boy Scout summer camp, with my son's name and the date on the back. (In other words my father carved the same slide for his son, and then for his grandson almost 30 years later. In between, and before and after, I estimate he has carved more than 100 neckerchief slides, including at least 10 of the Scout Sign, and at least one where he modified the original design to make a CUB Scout sign, which he gave to my son while he was a Wolf.)


But unless your Wolfs (Wolves? But they're people, not wolves) are unusually proficient with a knife, which I guess they can't carry anyway until they are Bears and get Totin Chip, I don't think this idea will work for your den project. :)


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My nephew loves to make his own slides, he has a collection of about 30. We've done this since he was a Wolf and he is a Web II this year. Some of his favorite are Pez heads that we hotglued a pvc ring to. He has a set of holiday ones since you can find a wide variety of dispensers. Just yank the tops off. Go to Home Depot and by the pvc ring that fits a woman's pinkie finger (1/2 inch I think). They are like 19 cents a piece and can be glued to nearly anything. He also has slides made from a single domino (the pips add up to 8, his age when he made it), a pair of die (that add up to 9, see above) and his favorite are two wooden chess pieces (the knight) that he glued nose to nose and then trimmed w/ gold paint. All of these we have glued to the pvc rings that I mentioned earlier. My favorite of his is a hunk of deer leg bone that was aged in the ground for several years and found accidently during yard work. Its very cool.




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hi all

my favorite slide is one I made for a day camp. the theme was summer fun. I cut the shape of a flip flop sandle out of sponge foam and another cut out of cork. glued a couple sponges together the cork on the bottom then I took some twist ties to make the part that goes between your toes. hot glued a 1/2 inch piece of old garden hose to the back.and your done.If you want to can write the year on it too.

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Some very nice slides can be made by making a reduction (usually about 50%) color copy of an embrodied patch. Then paste it to stiff cardboard (like illustration board or pic matting

and cut out around the edges. Glue a ring on the back and you are set.

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I have a collection of wooden slides and even have some made by Whittlin' Jim himself (*he whittled slides and drew the plans for them for BL several years ago. I also traded for one of his notebooks with his original plans.). I have an array of Indians, sailors, Civil War army types, turtles, etc.. They are all nicely hand painted and most are pretty funny. These slides came to me one by one over the years and now they rest in a cardboard box, mostly looking up at me when I open it. I didn't make one of them myself. I wish I could take a picture for you.


The one I like the best is a hiking boot that I carved using my knife and a Dremal hand drill and sandpaper (80 and 120 grit). It was made out of a piece of cedar that wound up to be about 2.5 inches high by 2.5 inches long and about .74 inches wide. It is a high top boot with a bulbous toe with treads on the bottom. I used a crisscross effect for boot laces down the front. The wood was oriented so that the dark red area was the sole. A hole was drilled with a half inch drill bit down through the foot hole at the top and out the heel. Cedar is tricky to use and tends to split but it is beautiful and it smells nice. The overall effect was to make it look like one of the old worn boots that used to be thrown over the entrance/exit gate at Philmont (*I guess they still do that or is it tennis shoes now?).


For many years, I have wanted to carve a small replica of a shoe that was made by Red Goose Shoe Company in the '50's that had the Boy Scout emblem on the sole. I couldn't afford a pair of those shoes but I always liked the idea of leaving the imprint of the emblem behind me when I walked through sand or light mud. It was just an idea that probably would never have worked but it intrigued me. I am unsure of the reason I haven't gotten around to making one. The shoe idea is kind of funny to me, especially if they have character. Maybe you can use it.




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How about the First aid kit slide - take a 35mm plastic film canister w/lid. harder to come by now that there is so much didital photography. I don't remember what we used for attcahments. Perhaps an adult made 2 paralell slits with an exacto blade and we put a pipe cleaner though to make a ring. Fill the small canaster with a few band-aids, an alcolol wipe, a couple of safety pins and any other first aid supplies that fit. Hane them make a red cross on the canister with paint or red tape. Make them feel "prepaired" especially on that "big hike".



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I LOVE having my scouts make neckerchief slides. For one thing, slides are always getting lost, especially the ones you buy from the Scout store.


For the first aid kit in the film canister, I punched 2 holes in the side of the canister (fairly close together, but far enough that they didn't soon become one hole). We threaded a pipe cleaner (chenille stems?) through the holes, then around the scarf and twisted. For the front, I used small round white stickers and had the boys use a red marker to make a red cross before sticking it on the canister. Another item we put inside - a small piece of paper with emergency phone numbers. It could also include emergency medical info - allergies, medications, etc.


I like to make slides to go along with the monthly theme. My first ideas came from the program helps book (that one was using popsicle sticks to make a piano keyboard). When we studied our home state, I cut the outline of our state from Fun Foam and let the boys decorate. I thought of putting a star where our city is and our Pack # and city name. The boys are much more creative than I am and had lots of fun with the sequins and markers.... After the glue dried on the front, I attached pipe cleaners to the back.


At my last den meeting, I took the pictures of the 75th anniversary award patches and reduced them on the copier. Then we traced the shape onto heavy cardboard, cut it out, then used glitter glue to put a 75 in the middle, and....whatever those creative boys wanted around it. After the glitter glue was dry, I glued a piece of 1/2" pipe to the back (I'm anxious to see if I like the 1/2" pipe or the pipe cleaners better).


A couple of years ago, around Pinewood Derby time, I found a candy mold for race cars. I filled the mold with plaster of paris, then stood up a circular key ring in the plaster of paris (the first ones I bought were too big). When dry, the boys painted the front. After the paint dried, I sprayed with a clear coat to add shine and keep the water-based paints from running. I recently purchased a Christmas candy mold from the clearance rack. This idea originally came from my Wolf/Bear Den Leader specific training, where the trainer passed out Fall items (leaves, pumpkins, corn-cobs, etc.).


At a Round Table breakout session, a leader had found flexible plastic key chains in the shape of our state (an advertisement for a business). She removed the ring, then had the boys glue one of our state quarters to the solid back side.


Often, this can be a quick craft project to break the monotony of those den meetings that involve too much talking/discussion and not enough hands-on activities.


Hope you have fun with these ideas!

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When I took my Webelos to resident camp we got the key chains that look like coleman lanterns took off the key ring added a piece of old garden hose to the back.I find that these work best they don't slide off the scarf very easy. The best part is that the lanterns really light.The boys loved wearing them at campfire.

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I am not sure that you can identify a favorite. Each boy will have different likes and dislikes. My thoughts are that their favorite is either home a drawer for safekeeping, or, the one they most recently lost!


My suggestion is that you just keep making them. They are fun, and cheap to make. Many can be tied to the achievement that the boys are working on or the nearest holiday.


My favorite for the boys is the square knot slide. Instant gratification, Tadaaaaaaa. !!!


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