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New Pack Initation Ceremony

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I'm brand new to both the Fourm and the Cub Scouts. But...we have a newly formed Pack with 38 Cubs - Tiger thru Wolf. I'm interested in knowing or looking for ideas to celebrate the begining of our new Pack. We have access to a small US Marine Corp detatchment willing to help us with presentation of our Colors and have ordered a flag flown over the US Capitol. Any thoughts or suggestions? Previous experience? Anything will be a help.



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Try to get a rush on the charter and have your DE or another council executive present it to the charter organization head. Have them talk about the role of the CO in a successful scout organization. Start off with everyone understanding that role.

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WELCOME, Berklich!!!!!!


WELCOME to your whole Unit!!!!!


Bring in guest Scouts from the District/Council, representing all the other packs and Troops that your new Unit is joining!!!


If you're close enough to Canada, bring in an international brother and help explain that purple circle over your boys Hearts!


Mark your birthday by celebrating Cub Scouting's 75th!!!


I love EagleinKY's idea, but it seems more adult to me. I wonder if you can manage a celebration for the Pack as a whole, and find time when the adults can celebrate the beginnings of their journey together. It may seem like overkill, but adults and Cubs tend to celebrate differently and it's essential to celebrate the efforts of all the volunteers and parents. And, as EagleinKY said, the CO and COR (charter organization Representative)are terribly important.




Good Luck!!!


Come back and tell us how it goes!






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Do something gross. REally really gross. Make some slime, flarp, or goo. Boys this age really love gross things. Contact your local herp society and see if someone would bring some snakes. Get them in something hands on so that they just can't wait to go to school and tell their buddies. Make the first one something they will never forget and they will be back for more. Make sure you tell them about plans for the next meeting. And be sure you recognize each boy for something. Paint faces or hands. Tell an interesting story about something they will do later in other meetings. But the biggest point of all. Don't Bore them with alot of talking. Use the 3 B's of public speaking: Be Brief, Be to the Point,and Be Seated.

Kristi(This message has been edited by cajuncody)

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