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I need meeting ideas!

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Hi all. I am looking for somemore good ideas for our upcoming Election day meeting. Here is what I have, please add more. (We do not run like a normal pack, all den meeting start out as pack meetings and then we split for dens, can't change this till I become CM this coming spring)


First off, Ben and Jerry's has donated 2 election themed ice cream cakes for us. They are partnered with Rock the Vote this year and I thought it would make a good snack.


Other plans: Pin the tail on the donkey and pin the trunk on the elephant, Share our projects for the Silver Heritage Award and Sing the Star Spangled Banner for the Silver Heritage award and wolf Elective, Vote using two ballots (one with info the other only with topics to show the importance of knowing the facts before voting), bean bag toss of republican vs democrat, and a balloon drop.


How is that and can you add anymore?


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