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Cub Leader Pow Wow Ideas, Please

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I am getting ready to set up sessions for a pow wow and am looking at getting suggestions from anyone and everyone. We usually do the same things over and over (tie slides, Flag, Dutch oven, songs & skits, knots and magic) and would like to offer some new sessions to choose from. I just completed a training for 15 new den leaders in my district alone and would like to offer them some exciting options. If you would take a quick moment and just jot down a few that have been successful for you, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!!

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You'll never get away from games, skits and songs as games, skits and songs is such a huge part of Cubbing. Of course the trick is to have NEW games, skits and songs for the Pow Wow.


But how about this as an idea. Instead of organizing you Pow Wow around activities, why not organize it around the 12 Cub Scout values: ciizenship, fitness, compassion, etc. Each station includes games, skits, songs and activities that teach that value. Citizenship obviously include flag care but could also some new opening flag ceremonies (I've got a terrific on my son wrote himself as a Bear), ideas for civic-oriented service projects, a list of good local field trips to government buildings and leaders (some are better than others), a song book of patriotic songs and a craft making little American flags out of beads and safety pins. You're essentially taking the same material and organizing it long-ways instead of wide. These are all old Pow Wow standards, but instead of being at different stations, there are all at the one Citizenship station.

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Pow Wow Chairman, is a really tough job. Most other BSA training's have a syllabus that you can follow.

Ideas are fine but having the people who can pass on the skill or can teach the class is something else. Where possible we tried to follow the themes that are in Scouting Magazine.

A few things that we have tried that worked are making paper. Leather Work, Rubber Stamping. We had a Lady that operated a store come in for the Rubber stamping. Every one said that a Leather Company I think it was Tandy would be willing to send someone but when we asked they said that they didn't do that any more. So we used a lot of the equipment that Summer camp uses.

We had a lot of luck getting people that did American Sign. They didn't want to spend the day but were willing to do two sessions back to back.

We also have done a meet the pro. And meet the team as a session. Here the Scout Exec. Did something along the lines of a Fireside Chat. Meet the Team was almost the same thing but with the Council Key3.

A few years back we did a session on Scouting on the web. In those days not everyone had a computer and the Web wasn't used as much as it is today. I still think it could be a worth while session.

While the same old same old is boring for the hard core Pow Wowers, a lot of the people are new. Maybe a session on what is in the books would be worth while. Covering the Cub Leader book, the guide to safe scouting. The How Too Book.

We have done sessions on Training What Lies Ahead. Covering different courses that are available locally: CPR, Lifesaving,and craft classes that are offered by the Community College as well as the Scout Courses. Baloo Webelos Scout Den Leader Outdoor Training, Wood Badge and Specific Training. The Council Training Chair is just the fellow to get to do this.

Other ideas are:

How to go about the Annual Planning Meeting.

Why Cub Scout Resident Camp is the High light of the year for a Cub Scout.

How To Make Webelos Scout Transition Painless.

What The Heck Is Ultimate Frisbee? And How To Play It.

101 uses for a coffee can.

Relationships. What the OA, The Boy Scout Troop, The District and Council can do for the pack.

Foot Puppets!!

Leave No Trace For Cub Scouts.

Cub Camping - Buying the right gear for a Cub Scout.


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I gave two presentations at last year's pow wow. First, "How to turn around a struggling pack". This one was SRO. I was actually saddened that so many leaders came to find out about this. The second was for Webelos leaders focusing on the transition to Boy Scouting.

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I want to thank each of you who took the time to respond. You each gave some good ideas. I'm working up my list of sessions and possible presenters. These have been added to the list. I like the idea of arranging things according to the 12 values of Cub Scouting.


Again thanks.





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I know I would jump at the chance to attend a course that taught me how to present the character connections. You know, with some concrete examples that are age specific and fun to do. Sort of like the old Ethics in Action literature.


Also, here's a website for a course being offered next summer at Philmont: http://www.scouting.org/philmont/ptc/courses/courses.cgi?c=Connecting+Character+with+Cub+Scouting. Perhaps you can track down the instructor and get some info.

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While this may be after the fact, I want to thank Paul for including the link to the Viking Council University of Scouting in his reply. I am helping with the event this year and had a firm foundation of courses from which to work. We discussed the course selection in our committee meetings and decided we wanted to include courses that stress what we are about, what we are trying to accomplish, and offer courses that will make the students' jobs easier in their units.


To that end, remembering this is supplemental training, we always include at least one course on working with ADD and ADHD children. This year since we are a University of Scouting we are offering a course on camping with these youngsters.


The purpose of the training event is to reach more boys through scouting. Better training leads to better program. Better program leads to easier recruitment and stronger retention. Recruitment and retention helps us reach more boys.


So - We are including new topics on sports vs scouting (they are compatible), we are offering Baloo at "Pow wow" for the first time as an option, (we had our last Baloo session on Scouting for food collection day), we are offering courses taught by the DNR that have been wildly popular for us (Project Wild and Project aquatics).


To address a need from the Day camp staffs and to help promote the shooting sports initiative in our council, I hoped to offer range trainig at Pow wow but could not work that our with the school site restrictions - I offer this as an alternative for you.


Bottom line for me - we need to be sneaky with this training. If we want these leaders back next year we need to make sure they get what they came for, interact with each other and the faculty, and have plenty of fun in the process. This means trying to give them something they will use in every class. It means getting them DOING something in every class.


Debi, please let me know if you'd like some ideas for courses. If you wait a week or so our event will be behind us and i can share some learnings.


Yours in Scouting,


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Not knowing the size of your council, nor the number of people you expect to attend, my ideas may not work - but here they are -


*Divide the day up into 12 months and then each short session does something for the theme for that month, plus the recommended Webelos activity badges. Everyone then goes to each session, traveling from month to month, in a round-robin fashion.


*Set up specific offerings and everyone attends them all (only works for a small group) I only expect 40 at my Pow Wow (we are now calling them CS Leader workshops - On Beyond Basic) No set time limits (each class does not have to be 50 minutes) Our first one (Nov) is songs, skits, neckerchief slides, and the outdoor program. The next one (Jan) is ceremonies, 75th anniversary activities, den games, something else I can't remember :)


*When you have a crafts session, make it specific, not too broad. Maybe for specific rank skill levels. Leaders looking for craft ideas for Tiger Cubs don't want things too difficult, yet a leader who has Bears needs something a bit more challenging.


*Have as many of your sessions be hands-on.


*MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT AT A POW WOW - the classroom interruptions by those who have nothing to do but walk around all day, opening doors and yelling "Pow Wow", disturbing the ongoing session, and usually a very good discussion.



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Thanks for all the great suggestions. I went to the Viking website and really liked it. When I met with our council program advisor, he liked what I had planned and, I guess, decided since I had that together so quickly, I could plan our first University of Scouting. Imagine my shock! So now, here I am getting a committee together to cover all levels and planning more classes to meet all needs. Well, nothing like pressure to do it right. The first one needs to be good or no one will want to go again. Again, thanks for the help.



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I'm lucky enough to have some great people helping me from all levels and throughout the council. When I called for help, there was no hesitation from any of them. We're getting it together, and looks like we might just pull it off. Of course, I haven't met with council again. We had a bad rain storm and traveling 70 miles on way at night just didn't sound good on the night I was scheduled to meet with him. I'm sure he'll throw something else in there :-) That's alright, I'm flexible.



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