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Creating a new Pack

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I do not have any Checklist's etc, but I just did start a new troop.


What I did is sat down and decided with my Commeettee and COR what we wanted to accomplish with the troop.


During this phase we decided what we needed to get going and have a quality program to start.


From this list we decided what was essential, then what is "nice to have"


My COR was very helpful in obtaining funds, and I received a lot of support from local orginazations.


We lined up the boys and started up.


For a pack you will need:


CC, 2 more Committee Members, a CM, and a den leader and 5 Boys. This is the Minumum.


Probably Flags, books (for rank) and thats about it.


As you go along you may decide that you need a pine wood track (you can rent or borrow at the beginning), and other things will come along as needed.





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All that is really up to the chartered organization and then the pack committee as it forms. I have worked with many packs and no two were the same in its finances, equipment, etc.


Here is what I would recomment though. Make sure the leaders have the resources they need to be successful.


Committee chair - Cub Scout Leader Handbook

-Guide to Safe Scouting


Cubmaster, Treasurer, and Advancement Chairs

- PackMaster Software -Cub Scout Leadder handbook


Advancement Chair -Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures Manual


Cubmaster and Den leaders

-Pack and Den Ceremonies


Den Leaders (excluding Webelos)

-Program Helps

-How To Book

-Cub Scout Leaders Handbook

-Cub Scout Songbook

-Rank handbook for their den

-Den Flag

-Denners cord


Webelos Leaders

-Cub Scout Leader Handbook

-Webelos Leader Guide

-Webbelos Handbook

-Boy Scout Handbook

-Boy Scout Song Book

-Den Flag


What your total annual budget will be will depend on the program you plan and the items you want to try and pay for for the family.


Most packs charge a den dues of $1 each week to help pay for the craft supplies used each week.


When your committee goes to training they will learn how to plan a unit budget.









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What is a bkm?

Hi Tom,

Welcome to the forum.

It is great news that there will soon be another pack and that the adventure will soon be reaching a new set of little fellows.

What position do you hold?

If you can swing it. Having all the adults going to training before you start or recruit any little fellows is a great idea. That why everyone can avoid a lot of headaches.

I don't know how new or how long you have been around Scouting? I feel sure if you call the Service Center they will be able to give you the number of the person who is in charge of new units in your district/ area. It might be a member of the Membership Committee or the District Executive.

At this time of the year there might be a "Push" to get new units in to the Service Center. Don't let anyone rush you. Take the time to dot the i's and cross the t's. Read the material, ask lots of questions. Attend the training's.


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Many of the details are to be filled in by you and the Pack Committee, a minimum of three in number. A strong PC will have the following positions covered: record keeping, finances, advancement, training, membership, public relations and re-registration. The PCC leads the PC and makes assignments as needed. The larger the PC, the better the access to completing and filling in the details that you request. As a group, you can continue to make recommendations for Pack leadership to the CO, such as, more ASCMs. You and the PC will need to ensure the meeting place is safe. Next coordinate your program with the CO through the COR. Proper programming issues from this committee which in turn helps to stimulate interest of the adult family members. The PC supervises finances and equipment and works closely with the CM. The PC makes sure that each of the levels of the CS group receives a quality year-round program. The PC needs to complete the Fast Start Training and the Basic Leader Training for their position. With the help of the CM, conduct periodic training for parents and guardians. Lastly, cooperate with other units that can assist with quality program and give you some of the necessary support and information you seek.


Acronyms: PC-Pack Committee (Members), PCC- Pack Committee Chairman, CO-Charted Organization, ASCM- Assistant Cubmaster, COR- Chartered Organizations Representative, CS- Cub Scout


See Pack Organization in the Cub Scout Leader Book for more details.


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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the help.

What I am looking for are Best Known Methods (BKM's) and if possible, detailed step by step instructions for creating a new Pack.

I have searched the web extensivley and read the Cub Scout Leader book but, the instructions are very vague on the details.


There seems to be a ton of information out there but no, detailed "how to" instructions on "How to Create a New Pack".





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Step 1) A chartering organization (CO) determines to use the scouting methods as a youth outreach program to help teach, practice, and strengthen the shared vales of the organization and the BSA


Step 2) The Institutional Head (IH) of the organization selects a Charter Organization Representative (CR) to act as the CEO of scouting for the organization.


Step 3) the CR and IH select a Committee Chair (CC) and at least two committee members (MC) to help select other program leaders, beginning with the Cubmaster (CM), and offer program support to the unit.


(the next several steps happen somewhat simultaneously)


Step 4) The CR and CC approve all other required adult volunteers.


Step 5) All Adults attend BSA training for their role in the unit


Step 6) The CC and CM develop an program plan to take the pack through the next 12-months


Step 7) The CC and CM identify, select, and recruit Den leaders and Assistant Scoutmasters.


Step 8) Families are recruited to join


Step 9) as Cub Scouts and adult volunteers are registered, BSA membership applications are filled out and collected. Once the first five youth are signed up their applications along with the applications for the CR,CC,(2) Mcs, CM, Den lEADER (DL), and a signed Shared Responsibilites Agreement is turned into the4 local District executive with the needed application fees.


Step 10) These forms will be processed by the Council Office into the unit's first Charter.


Step 11) The Unit can begin meeting.


Depending on the individual unit, some steps may happen in a slightly different order but all will need to happen at some time in the organizational process for the unit to succeed.


Good Luck,

BW(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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Now as for the other details ...


- Find out who your DE (Distric Executive) is and work with him/her to get the paperwork in order.

- Get a Unit Commissioner to work with you in recruiting the folks that Bob White has pointed out.

- Don't forget to work with your CO and its COR on obtaining a place to meet and the meeting time.

- ... all the while, familiarize yourself with the G2SS (Guide to Safe Scouting) and take the fast start and other training that your District may be holding right now.


- Work to get some sort of seed money for the pack to get started (for making copies of the recruiting flyer ... district should have extras for you, making copies of your new Pack faq if you plan to have one, having materials for your first/second Pack meeting ... crafts, games, training, etc.) until you all can get to the first fund-raiser going(currently, popcorn is the fundraiser in most places).

- Attend your Council's Pow-Wow training with your leaders. This is where you get all the great trainings and then some.


Bob White pointed out all of the essential books, program helps, and others that are great starts for everyone in the new Pack.


- Get all of your ducks in a line and then have your "rally night" at the school, church or where ever you are designated or chosen to recruit.

- Once your Pack starts up, then get the rest of your recruits to training.

- Collect information and get up to speed on pinewood derby (ie. from a neighboring Pack).

- Start your first committee meeting 3-4 weeks prior to the 1st Pack meeting to plan. If you have time, plan the whole year out or at least 2 Pack meetings in advance. Plan your budget/fundraiser.


- Have your Pack meeting. Don't forget to have plan A and plan B and share them with your CC and Assistant Cubmaster.


- Get a second fundraiser going to obtain a pinewood derby track


- Attend Scouting University to get some more training!


- Plan for the Blue and Gold Banquet in February

- Plan for a spring Pack campout.

- Get your leaders to get training for next year (ie. tiger leaders to cubscout leaders; cubscout leaders to webelos; adding assistant cubmaster; adding committee members; train all of your parents on youth protection if not already done so ... namely for summer day camp.

- Plan for raingutter regatta in late Spring

- Plan for graduation party (May?)

- Plan for summer activities (if not already done so)


- Plan for attending District's summer day camp.

- Plan for next year anual calendar/budget (July time frame).


- Start your second fun-filled season as a Pack!


It's really easy when you have boatload of helps. Getting the boatload of help is the tricky part! ;)


Also, there is one common recurring point ... training.


Good luck,





pssst: by the way, it only takes one hour a week!(This message has been edited by OneHour)

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