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Tiger Cub Belt Totem

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retire em!


if you can get em back, use em next year or see if there's a Tiger group somewhere that wants to save a few pennies. This is one piece of the uniform that even wolves don't want to wear.


With the tigers going blue, I give National two years before they do away with the totem and use the pocket protector approach like the Wolves and Bears.


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Great answers! I just love this forum. I can get many answers here in the time it takes me to look up my current CMs phone number. AND I can usually get the correct answer the first time with out hearing I'll look it up and call you back or talking to voice mail. You guys are great, plan on seeing me around for a long time!


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Bears usually do not take off their Wolf beads once they graduate to Bears. They have beads for both levels on their pocket totem along with arrowheads for both levels on their shirt. There is nothing that says a Tiger belt totem can't be worn along with the Wolf/Bear pocket totem. It is up to the Scout.


This year's Tigers will not have that option, unless they are still using the old belt totems instead of the new Tiger pocket ones. With the pocket totems the Tigers witll have to retire them once they move to Wolf because they can't wear 2 totems on the same pocket!


Tigers do not however, have to retire their pocket or belt totems once they receive their Tiger rank badge. They continue to wear them and add the elective beads as they are earned.



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