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A true Cub Scout moment

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This happened to me on our first Go See It with Tiger Cubs and I will never forget this moment.

We were a small den and only 4 boys came on this go see it. However, siblings are always welcome so we had 5 siblings with us that day in the woods. We were on our hike in the Great Smoky Mountains when I (as den leader) found a deer track in the soft mud near the creek. I was SOOOOO proud of myself for this. I was having a blast and the leadership was making me feel very good. As I stepped in the mud ( muddy shoes were a small price to pay for showing the boys a deer track) and leaned down I said "notice the front of the hoof shows us this deer was going to the water to drink". Cool huh? Or atleast it was until one of the younger siblings spoke up and said "Yeah and that deer over there probably made it." I felt like a Marx brother at that point but it was one fine Scouting moment. You gotta love kids.

Any other good ones out there?

Cajun(This message has been edited by cajuncody)

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