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Pinewood Derby Tracks

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We are a small pack in Frankfurt, Germany with a very old pinewood derby track. Of the 4 lanes, 1 is broken completely and 1 causes cars to jump. We are looking to replace it. I am looking for experiences with purchased tracks - wood, plastic and aluminum. The plastic track is very interesting due to lower shipping costs. Any advice would be useful.



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Two years ago, our pack bought the aluminum track from Best Track (http://www.besttrack.com/) 6 lanes, 35', for about $1400 (includes timer, gates, software, stop tracks, and shipping). We have been fairly happy with it. The aluminum track is fast. To win first overall in our Pack, it went from an average time of 5.45 seconds on the wooden track to 3.86 seconds on the aluminum. The setting was easy after the initial assembly. Right after we bought ours, they came out with gentler curve sections that is less harsh on the cars. Our curves popped some of back-heavy cars. There are several of previous threads on pwd.








I'm not sure if aluminum is heavier to ship. Anyway, our Pack has been very happy with our aluminum track.





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