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How did your SNFS go?

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Hey all, hope you had great success!!!


We had 22 boys registered in the pack from last year. We enrolled 18 new scouts tonight, almost doubling our pack! The pack meeting is Tuesday, and I heard a lot of comments about boys bringing friends. I sure hope so, because there was some real effort put out by several leaders in the pack. I was sure proud of them!



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Our District is sparsely populated so we don't have but 13 or 14 packs in this area. However, at least three packs doubled in size by adding around 20-25 scouts. We have two new packs and two packs were re-vitalized. Things are looking pretty good for the first time in a long time. Most of the troops are beginning to grow, too.


Viva la Scouting!



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Our SNFS turned out great. We got 6 new boys, 4 1st graders and 2 2nd graders. I know that doesn't sound like much to some of you, but that number doubles our Pack size. With the existing boys we have 5 Tigers (registered one last spring), 2 Wolves, 3 Web I's and 2 Web II's. Wooooot!!.

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Quoted from our CM.


We had a great roundup so far. Here are a few numbers:


34 New Tigers, making up 5 New Tiger Dens.

10 New Wolfs, blended into the 5 existing Wolf Dens.

13 New Bears, making up one new Bear Den, and blending into existing Dens

5 New 1st year Webelos, blended into existing Webelo Dens

1 New 2nd year Webelo, blended into an existing Webelo Den.


That is a total of 63 new Cub Scouts this year so far. We are expecting about 5 late registrations.


We now have over 176 scouts in a total of 20 dens.

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Well our Recuting is over for the year and we did great also.

17 new Tigers

14 new Wolves

16 new Bears

8 new WEBELOS I's

12 new WEBELOS II's


This brings us up tp over a hungred Cub Scouts!!

Now all we have to do is talk some parents into stepping up to the plate to be leaders.

I did talk one of my WEBELOS II's Mother into being a Tiger Leader.








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