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day camp theme ideas...

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just wanted to see if anyone wanted to share some of their past theme ideas...


we're getting ready to pick the themes for the next two years and any help will be appreciated by the staff and of course.. the CUBS!



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I served as a day camp director that used a space theme. A good number of the activities, group names, etc played off the myriad of space movies and tv shows. We brought out a guy one day to shoot off model rockets. The possibilities seemed limitless.


Also had a lot of fun attending a pirate theme cub resident camp with my son.


You also hear the wild west theme used a lot, though I've not seen one in person.

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Cubs on Expedition (Lewis and Clark anniversary) (current year)


Cubs in Camelot


American Adventures (post 9/11)


Cubs Around the World


Barnyard Adventures


What can you tie in that's related to Hawaii???

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