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CS Leader Specific Training

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In another post, someone referred to the current CS leader training curriculum, which requires retraining at every level of progression through the program. Leaders starting out in Tiger Cubs get trained as a Tiger Leader. Then the next year, they have to get retrained as a DL (and pay another fee). Then WL. Then CM or committee member (MC). There are specific training codes in ScoutNet for each course. My dilemma is that when a course is advertised by Council, it is simply "CS Leader Specific", so out of a random group of 5-10 scouters who sign up, I have a mix requiring 4-5 instructors...IF I present the training as it's designed. The District expects me to offer the training multiple times throughout the year, so offering the position segments separately would be a logistical nightmare what with printing flyers, reserving meeting rooms, etc. There seems to be a shortage of meeting rooms...most churches are overbooked, and the local schools require reservations months in advance. Forget about the Council Service Center, as its usually stacked to the rafters with popcorn and in use for other, "more important" meetings.


I have also heard that a new training curriculum is on its way from National. Anyone got the inside scoop on this? How can I submit input?

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All leaders take the same course, they just have different break-out sessions. That is my understanding. For example:


Cub Scout Training


Basic Leader Training

An overview of the Basic Leader Training program, which begins with the existing Fast Start training, continues through New Leader Essentials, and is followed by Leader Specific training for each adult's role in the unit.


Cub Scout Leader Fast Start

Gives new leaders information on planning and conducting their first meeting


Cub Scout Leader Specific Training

Job specific information for all Cub Scout leaders and their assistants. Training lasts approximately three hours. Separate sessions for Tiger Cub Den Leader and Assistant Tiger Cub Den Leader, Cub Scout Den Leader and Assistant Cub Scout Den Leader, Webelos Den Leader and Assistant Webelos Den Leader, Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster, and Pack Committee.


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The Leader Specific sessions (Tiger, Cub, Webelos, Pack and CM) aren't exactly the same. The structure is the same, and some of the topics are the same, but the information varies from position to position.


Scoutldr: Regarding your council doing the advertising - Our DE makes sure that our training is in the council newsletter, but we provide the information that's printed. That way we can give specific information regarding what training is being offered. Your Training Chair, or the person coordinating Cub Scout training (sounds like you) should be controlling the information going out. Our district provides flyers to the council for distribution in case someone calls and asks for it.

We offer District training 3 times per year, but will go to a pack if needed. Fall and spring we run all 5 breakouts. Our facility is reserved about 9 months in advance - once the district dates are approved for the next year, the facility is reserved for all training sessions. Our registration form requires the enrollee to indicate what session he/she is attending so we know what staffing requirements we'll have. Our winter session is for Den Leaders only. - Tigers, Cubs and Webelos leaders. We find that the new CM's and CC's are in place before the fall training and spring training, but den leaders seem to fall into place anytime from October through December.


My suggestion to you is that once your district calendar is in place for the 2004-2005 year you book all your training sites. In our council that means a budget needs to be in, too, in case your facilities require immediate payment.


We generally stay with the same facility if possible, because everyone is familiar with it.


Most of our flyers go out at Roundtable, and some get emailed out.


Our council website has each district's training dates listed, but no form on line.


Hope this helps!

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"Cub Scout Leader Specific Training" is not one training, but rather five separate trainings: Tiger Cub Den Leader Specific, Cub Scout Den Leader Specific, Webelos Den Leader Specific, Cubmaster Specific, and Pack Committee Specific. Each specific training runs 2 1/2 to 3 hours each. If you offer all five at the same time on the same day, you will need 5 meeting rooms and at least 5 trainers. You will also probably have a shortage of posters, video and powerpoint equipment, and other equipment.


It is possible to set up the training so that all five groups meet together for the gathering and opening segments, and then present the video portions together as a group. Then the large group must break apart into five separate groups. But there is still no practical way to present five trainings in one room using one trainer.


In our district, we schedule no more than 2 or 3 of the specifics at any one time, depending on the needs. This involves more training dates, but helps with the logistics issues.

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FScouter is correct, and this is the NEW training curriculum. If your Council is charging a fee for Cub Leader Specific I am sorry. most Districts do not.


The training starts with New Leader Essentials which you take one time only. After that you attend job specific training for your position in the pack. As your position changes you attend your specific training for that job.


As a Den Leader there are three courses in the continuum.

Tiger Den Leader Job Specific

Wolf/Bear Den Leader Job Specific

and Webelos Den Leader Job Specific


As FScouter posted each course is 2 1/2 to 3 hours in length. A smal investment to make to give the boys a scouting program.






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Maybe it is just semantics, but there is one course name Cub Scout Leader Specific and guess what, it is specific dependent on Leader position!


In our district, it is offered as one course. That is, it is held at the same time and place and after a joint intro, leaders gather as like (specific) titles and training continues. Voila!

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Sorry Bob White, but our Disreict does charge a fee because we include 1) the Cub Scout Leader Book and 2) refreshments. We're not looking to make a profit, we just want to cover our expenses. If someone is coming back to take just the position specific portion, the fee is drastically reduced. We present training in two ways. The first is a full day session starting in the morning with New Leader Essentials, break for lunch and then go into position specific training. We have enough trainers to present each breakout session separately. SOmetimes we combine Cubmaster and Pack Committee if there are only afew people registered for each of those. We also try to squeeze in Youth Protection in the afternoon. It's a full day. but everything is done at once. The second way we train is in two evening sessions. We do New Leader Essentials the first night and then one week later - same night of the week, same location, we present the position specific break offs. Again, we are very fortunate to have a training team large enough to provide at least one trainer, often two, for each break off.


Thank you scoutldr, for this thread. As the new Cub Scout Training chair for my district I have been concerned that we have lost a few of our training team members, but it looks like I'm doing OK from some of the responses here. I am grateful for every one of my training staff.

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We are a small council each of the four districts offers Cub Scout Specific training at least twice a year any Leader can attend any of the training's. As a district we try to move it around the district at times we are closer to the neighboring district then parts of our own. As Council Training Chair I have asked that on top of these training's that we offer training as and when there is a need.

When the training changed we had a slight problem with equipment. We had been using 27 inch VCR/TV combos. We managed to get a lot of TV sets from the local hospital when they got new ones and we bought cheap VCRS. When the group is really small we have moved the VHS tape to CD so it can be viewed on a laptop. While there are some Cubscout Trainers who are happy to just present in one area we do try and pair them up with a "Newbie".

We charge $3.00 a one time fee to cover the cost of the Trained Patch and photocopies.

The big problem that we seem to face is getting people to pre-register, some do but most don't. This of course means that at times we have no idea how many or how few will be attending. I have seen as many as 50 turn out and then as few as 18. We will never ever turn people away but this at times does make life hard. At times we have had one group that is really small and another that is really big, so trying to get all the groups to finish at the same time is kind of hard.

So far finding a place where we run five groups (Yes there is a training for cubmasters and one for committee members) has never been a problem.

Eamonn(This message has been edited by Eamonn)

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THe council in which I serve charges $6 per course, or $10 for both NLE and CSLS if taken together. They are told to bring their own Leader books, but I am told we must cover Insurance(?), Council "administrative fee", training card, Trained strip, certificate, and handouts at 9 cents each (which I usually pay for myself at Kinko's). We never miss an opportunity to reach into the wallet of a volunteer. Thanks for explaining the situation so well. The logistics are hard, and my training team consists of me and one other, who is a newbie. Pre-registration is one of my pet peeves...people just do not do it...then the weekend before they are calling my house wanting special dispensation. Or they just "walk in" which means I then have to scramble to find them a seat, handouts, handle their money, etc. I have ONE TV/VCR...if I'm lucky. Power point projectors? Council has one, but they don't loan it out. Spare bulbs are over $100 each, so I don't blame them.


One thing I plan to do is force the "Pack Trainer" issue. I will train the Pack Trainers, but then all CSLS will be done at the unit level. Of course, we will still offer it 1-2 times per year for new units.


The original point of this thread was that the current curriculum is hard. Hard to present, and hard (and expensive) for volunteers to keep getting retrained each year of the CS program. I heard they were revising it again...which it sorely needs, and I would like to know which direction they are heading with it.

PS: With regard to Fast Start...when I ask them in NLE if they have had FS training, I get the "deer in the headlights" look. It ain't being done. Should I send them home and tell them to come back when they have met the pre-requisites? *he asked, rhetorically*

(This message has been edited by scoutldr)(This message has been edited by scoutldr)

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