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Day Camp Patch/Toem combo

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I'm trying to find information about a day camp patch that I once saw. This patch was also used as the totem the kids wore throughout the week. It was really nice. It had the hole at the top for hte leather thong to be worn around the neck and the 5 holes at the bottom for the daily activity beads.


No one around here has ever seen or heard of one. Have any of you used something like this for any of your cub scout activities? If so can you send me a picture of it so I can show it to our patch company?



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I've not seen those, but it sounds like a good idea. You can probably work with your patch supplier regarding the holes. It may require a laser cut, which can add to the cost, depending on what's happening with the rest of the patch.


On another front, we don't use anything tied around the boys' necks out of safety concerns. The name tags are on a plastic saftey string which pulls apart if it gets hooked on anything. I don't know if that is a BSA requirement, but one of our former camp staffers was an OSHA compliance person and insisted. She got all the safety strings donated by her company, so it wasn't an issue for us one way or the other.

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There is some concern about tags with names on.

Seems as if we can never get ahead of the game.

We have also stopped having items around the necks of the little lads.

I wonder if my Wood Badge is OSHA friendly? (Joke!!)

You might be able to get a patch made and then punch the holes and add strings and beads.


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Personally, I don't think it's a big deal, but at some point someone had sufficient heartburn over it to donate enough of the safety strings to the camp. I can't say that we have a lot of times where the boys hook their name tags on anything causing the strings to separate, though.

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Sometimes I think we go just a bit overboard. Have you tried to get these totems to STAY attached? The leather actually breaks pretty easily. Also the leaders ALWAYS remove the totems at the drop of a hat. Remember this is CUB day camp -- most of the leaders are over concerned parents!


Back to my original request. I'm not too concerned about the cost. I expect it to be more than a regular patch but I doubt that the added expense would be more than what is already being spent on the patch AND leather totem.


Also, back to the neck issue. I'm open to considering other options. Some of our Boy Scout patches recently have had a button tab at the top. I like that idea too. We could still tie a thong to it if we opted for the "around the neck" option but the boy could wear it on his uniform come fall.

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