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Nursing Home gift craft idea help

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Wonder if you could help me out with a quick, inexpensive craft idea that our Pack could make to give to Nursing Home residents?


I'm a Webelo II Den Leader and, for our November Pack meeting, each Den is suppose to do a Thanksgiving related skit. But, my Webelo II's have just about refused to do another skit. I think they're at an age where it's become embarrassing and mundane especially since they've been doing them for so many years now. So, instead, I thought they could distribute and help the rest of the Dens make something quick to give to nursing home residents at our next visit around Christmas time.


The problem is coming up with an idea for something that is worthwhile and fast to make AND something that Tigers can handle as well as the older boys. We could, of course, do more than one project in order to keep it conducive to various ages. And, of course, parents and siblings will be on hand to help. I'm at a loss, tho, for good ideas.


Thanks for your thoughts!!!


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We have an annual tradition of making Christmas Cards for a local nursing homes. They are hand made generic cards made by our boys. We have used colored construction paper, glitter pens, colored markers, paint pens, found items, and natural items for decoration on the cards. They are a big hit.



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I would also recommend decorating cards.

We did some last year by cutting out snowflakes from white paper. The younger kids glued on snowflakes that older kids cut out.

Folded a piece of construction paper in half, snowflake on front (sometimes more than one snowflake on front). Inside glued 1/2 sheet of white paper and the kids drew pictures or wrote Happy Holidays (give them an example).


The boys also colored Christmas type pictures I printed off the internet. All ages enjoyed that.


Both of these are things that even the younger siblings can help with.


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A call to the nursing home might be helpful too. Often, residents have restrictions on what they may have for safety purposes. Last year, our boys all made cards using rubber stamps, markers, colored pencils, and then each wrote a note inside the card signing his first name. This was a hit! The boys from Tiger through Webelos II enjoyed making the cards, and they particularly enjoyed using the rubber stamps to make the images. I think it was new to them. I stressed to the boys to do their best and to think of what they would like a card to be like for them if it was the only one they got. They were amazed that some people had noone else but them to think of them, and they put their hearts into these cards. Have fun with it, whatever you choose, and bless you and those boys for reaching out to those often forgotten.

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Cut out the pieces of paper/oaktag/whatever using special edged scrapbooking type scissors if available ($1.00 at our local junk store). Punch a hole and put a string/yarn through. Decorate. Since they're older, they could probably laminate them, too, but it's not necessary. Quick, easy, inexpensive.

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I work for UPMC Senior Living. Not is our nursing homes but in the assisted living.

While I'm out and about (On the road!!) A lot. I do have an office in one of the buildings.

Needless to say everyone is aware of my involvement in Scouting.

Very often I am asked if I can "Get some Scouts." To do stuff. A lot of the time it has to do with the flag.

Shame is that they/we want it done when everyone is busy doing other things. Like being part of a parade. It doesn't help that none of our buildings are in my district.

Still to get back on topic.

It really matters very little what you make or give them. What they really like is just having the young people there. Maybe not for too long but they really enjoy seeing young people.

They also like dogs.

There are now organizations that train dogs many from the pound. To be Nursing home visitors.

You might consider asking the boys for some of their pocket money and making a donation. Then have the Cub Scouts, visit the home. Present the check, Sing a few songs and have them along with the dogs spend time with the residents.

Just an idea.


What a great photo for the local newspaper.

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I applaud your efforts in having Cubs think of the senior citizens. Talking to a coworker the other day, she mentioned what had just happened to her mother.


The aide came in and said they were going to the break room for a suprise. When they got there, there was a big bowl of cookie dough. They got to roll the cookies and then eat them when baked.


I thought instantly that this could be a good thing for Cub Scouts to do. The majority of senior citenzens are ladies and they miss baking. Add that to young boys people around and you have the makings of good memories.

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