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Using Den Chiefs for the First Time

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There is a Den Chief Handbook. I would highly recommend both the den leader and den chief read thru the book. It will help the den leader figure out how to involve the den chief with their program. It will help the den chief gain a better understanding of their role.


I have had two den chiefs working with me through the Bear program last year. This year, these same two den chiefs will be working with my Webelos Scouts this year.


In past years, my den chiefs start out the den meeting with a physical game to wear off some of my Webelos Scout's energy. My den chiefs also act as a second hand to me in assisting the scouts in our activities, be it a craft project, wood project, etc. They have also led the scouts in earning several beltloops.


This year, I have scouts brand new to scouting, so I have asked my den chief to help the new scouts with earning their BobCat badge. They will also work with all my Webelos Scouts in learning the Boy Scout Promise and Laws.


As these Den Chiefs are now 14 and working on towards their Life Rank, my plans are to have them assist me in planning out a meeting once a month. We'll see how that goes.....


Involving Den Chiefs has added more work for me in planning my program, but having the extra help and their youthful exuberance is well worth it. I am hoping that their presence encourages my Cub Scouts to advance onto Boy Scouting (where I am told the real fun begins!)


Pam Meyer

Pack 4201 Webelos Den Leader

Green Bay, WI


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Thanks Pam,


I am aware of the Den Chief Handwork, one of the boys already has one and the other will have a copy very soon. The Boys have not yet been to Den Chief Training, but will go to training in early December.


I am looking for input on what the Den Leader can do to help this process be successful for everyone.



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I had the honor of having two DC help me out when I was a WDL. It is great when they work in pairs. My first suggestion is that you give the DCs responsibility for something (arrival time game, help teach a topic, etc.) and then GIVE THEM THAT RESPONSIBILITY. Don't step in to "help" them. Please don't use them only as administrative assistants and gophers. They are supposed to be learning leadership skills.


Good luck!



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Please, Please, Please do NOT treat these boys like overgrown Bear Scouts! They are a part of your Den Leadership team and should be included in all planning meetings and Den activities.


Having the boys responsible for the gathering and all games and songs is a great way to start. As the boys all get to know each other and the Den Chiefs get more comfortable in their roll you can expand their responsibilites. There are a number of Bear achievements that would be just down a Boy Scouts alley! Flag ceremony, games/sports, physical fitness, knife safety, ropes and knots, just to name a few. Let them teach some of these achievements to the Bears.


Let the Den Chiefs help present awards to their Den at Pack meetings. If your Pack does camping, have the Den Chief's plan a campfire ceremony. They have learned quite a bit in Boy Scouts, let them share what they know with your Bears and you!



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