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Den Doodles

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Hi Everyone! I have been away for awhile but its great to be back.


I need some help, ASAP! Our pack is fairly new. This is our third year but we are very active. I am a Bear's Den Leader and want to make a den totem/doodle for our den. I saw the examples in the "How to Book" but would love any additional ideas that you may have on how to make them. Also, if you can give any suggestions on how the boys could earn the beads and what colors to give for which activities. I know that there is no set format but I would like to know what has worked best for you and what things have gone over best with the boys. Perhaps I could encourage the rest of the pack to make one if I can get my den excited.

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I have seen every kind of imaginable den doodle over the years, but I think simple is better. A key is to make it so the den can take it to the pack meeting and be able to hang ribbons off it it (unless you also have a den flag).


My favorite den doodle is a dear antler with the leather lacing hanging off for each boy. The beads were from one of those bead seat covers you can get from NAPA auto parts and dipped in solid colors to denote the type of event. Blue for den meetings, gold for pack meetings and a specific color dependent on the event (ie half red/green for the den xmas party). The beads also had felt or craft foam cut outs on it to represent the type of den meeting or event. Also, you can put things like a piece of popcorn glued to it for turning in the popcorn form and all of the money.



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Best one I saw was an eagle head with wings stretched out wide. The leader took the boys from wolf through 2nd year webelos, and choose the eagle so they would know what they were aiming for. When they transitioned he cut the wings into pieces and gave each boy a wooden feather. I thought it was pretty cool.

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