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Edible mice

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Can any one help me find a reciepe for edible lab mice. The adults will be performing a training skit in a few weeks. We will be covering Webelos science activities. We have a good skit that calls for edible mice. We have found some candy that closely resembles mice but we are looking for other ideas. Any help you can give would be great.

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With Easter around the corner, look for the little Peeps candy. Used to be only yellow chicks, but now they come in all sorts of colors. I think I remember little white bunnies from last year. Add a licorice string for a tail and you're set.


You may try shaping and painting marshmallows, too, but that sounds like a lot of work in you need a bunch of them.

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We made mice at christmas time from a chocolate kiss, a chocolate covered cherry, an oreo cookie half (for the base) and some frosting/nuts/etc for ears, nose, eyes, etc.... They were adorable, and easy to make (they look complicated).


Here is a link to a similar project, and a link to its picture.





Thom in Omaha


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