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How many pinewood derby winners do I have?

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Pack 428 (less than 2 years old) is about to have its first pinewood derby. The pack has a total of 20 scouts.


7 boys are working toward their Tiger Badge.


8 boys have their Tiger and Bobcat. They are working toward their Wolf badge.


5 boys have their Bobcat and Wolf. They are working toward their Bear badge.



The local council published the 2003 rules for the pinewood derby. One rule says:


"Each pack can send one winner from each rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelo I, and Webelo II) to the BSA expo in April...."



My question.


Does this mean attained rank or working toward rank?


If it means attained rank, then my 7 Tigers can not participate. My 8 Bobcats would be considered Tigers.

My 5 Wolves would be the Wolf divison.

I would have 2 pack winners.


If "working toward rank" then I would have 3 winners.

1 Tiger. 1 Wolf. 1 Bear. (this is how I read it)


I have sent E-mail and left messages at the local council. Either they do not care or do not know, because I have yet to get an answer.


I welcome opinions.



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It means what book they are working out of. Typically (unless you have a LDS pack), First graders are Tigers, Second graders are Wolves, Third graders are Bears, Fourth and Fifth Graders are Webelos, regardless of who has earned their current rank.


Once they earn a rank, they do not automatically move up to working on the next rank. So if a 2nd grader earns his Wolf badg in November, he is still a Wolf until end of second grade. The 2nd grader who has not earned his Wolf, is still considered a Wolf.


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Your pack has 7 Tigers, 8 Wolves and 5 Bears. Cub Scouts are commonly refered to by the grade they are in at school and the rank they were working to achieve during that grade. So in general, 1st graders are Tigers, 2nd Graders are Wolves, Third graders are Bears, and 4th and 5th graders are Webelos. This will be explained toyou when youattend New Leader esentials training and the Job Specific Training for your specific position in the pack. Contact your district training Chairperson for dates and times that training is available.


Your District will allow your pack to send one of Tiger, one Wolf, and one Bear.


Hope this helps,

Bob White

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The easy way to see that your council means age/school year instead of true rank, is that Webelos I and Webelos II are not ranks. There is a Webelos rank only.


Another way is to listen to sctmom and Bob White!

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