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When to kick a boy out?

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Whoa! Something happens at 10am and the boy is out of Scouting by noon? Whose decision was this? I had a very similar incident happen in the troop I'm Scoutmaster of now. I was CC at the time and we were at a District Camporee where our COR as in attendance. Having the COR,SM,CC and three members of the troop committee present we called the parent and asked that the boy be picked up IMEDIATELY and a meeting with the COR, Troop Committee, and parents was set up. This kid had brought lighter fluid along and set his arm on fire, on purpose! Some stunt he had seen on TV!! Our decision was that they boy had to have parental supervision present at all times, as he was a danger to himself and others. The parent withdrew the boy from the troop. This kid probably needed Scouting more than any kid in troop, taking it away from him should always be a last resort.

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