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Pack Growing Pains

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Our pack, is growing incredibly fast now days and I was looking for insight on how larger packs operate.

This year, we will be bridging 4 boys, and we expect to gain another 20 or so in the fall, between tigers and others. That will bring us up to over 60 boys. Last year after bridging, we grew from 33 to nearly 50. We don't have a problem with finding leadership and we have a very active pack program.

How do you folks do it? How do you make a pack program that meets your goals for the boys? What's your tricks for effective Pack meetings and activities?

I'd appreciate any insights.

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Isn't it a great problem to have... a Cub Scout Pack growing fast? As far as handling the size of your Pack, it sounds like you have plenty of adult leaders. That's fantastic! Make sure every one of them goes through Cub Scout leader basic training. This will help get across the importance of running their respective dens the right way. It will also help them with den and Pack activity planning.


If you get some adults that balk at taking the time to become trained, insist that they go. They'll be better leaders for it. Make sure the Pack parents know that these leaders went through training too. They did it for THEIR sons.


Participate in every possible district or council Cub Scout event. Plan them well and be there for them. It will give the boys lots of activities in which to participate. Don't forget the Pinewood derby, etc.


And don't forget to take the time to reward the Scouts with proper awards ceremonies at Pack meetings. It may seem like they take an inordinate amount of time sometimes, but the Scouts need to be properly recognized for their efforts. Making these ceremonies special gives the boys a lot of pride.


You will also want to make sure the parents are kept informed of Pack activities and events via a Pack newsletter, either in hardcopy or e-mail (or combination). If the parents are well informed, the boys will be more likely to be encouraged by the parents, and you get a more active Scout family.


The bottom line of the whole thing... use your imagination regarding activities, get your leaders trained, have the leaders participate in POW-WOW, roundtables, etc. so they become as knowledgeable as possible, and, most importantly, make Scouting FUN for the boys. That's what it's all about.

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I haven't been involved in Cubs for several years now, but it does seem easier to generate excitement and momentum at that level. Maybe that's because the boys themselves aren't trying to act too sophisticated. One of the most enjoyable years I had as an adult leader was when our new cubmaster when berserk in recruiting and doubled the size of the pack in one month at the start of a school year. We all had to scramble, but it was a great year. There is a wealth of material available. As P_Swigs says, get your people to training as soon as possible. This will make them far more effective and comfortable in their understanding of the program. Have fun.

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