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Camp Black Mountain

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I voulenteer at Camp Black Mountain in the pacific northwest. There was talk to shutting down and selling the camp, but sainer minds prevailed and the council decided to look into other ways to unitlize the property. If supporters of the camp meet certain requierments, the council will even let us have summer camp for the 2013 year.


Voulenteers of the camp formed a booster club, adamant on keeping the camp open.


Who has ever been to CBM? I am sure there people here who live in the area who have been to the camp at one point or another. What did you like, what would you change?

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I was there about 5 years ago for BALOO Training. It was the first time I had ever been to a scout camp, so I didn't know what to expect. It is a nice property. I remember being right on a lake.


I think the only problem with it, is it's so darn far away for most of the council it serves. Camp Fire Mountain is so much closer. out of council camps like Brinkley and Piggot are even closer still.

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