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Camp Roy C Manchester?

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Is this a good camp?


Not much detailed (and current) info on the Council website.


On a scale of 0 - 10 (0 = don't bother; 10 = next best thing to Sea Base), how is their Sailing adventure?


Do they offer water skiing still?


How are the facilities?


Is their First Year Scout program good?


Would your Troop choose this camp, or do something like Skymont?


Our Troop is fairly landlocked in west Tennessee (albeit canoeing).




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The council that RCM was in was absorbed by another Council, Lincoln Heritage out of Louisville. Lincoln Heritage has major plans for RCM to become their High Adventure base. Lots of upgrades coming to RCM.


Lincoln Heritage runs a very good camp in Camp Crooked Creek, but they are looking to add more high adventure programs, hence RCM.


To answer your question, 6.5 the staff will be good there, not sure about the facilities. You can ask about activities by calling the Lincoln Heritage Council at (502) 361-2624

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I am a former scout and staff member of Camp RCM. I attended from 1991-1994 and worked on staff in various positions from 1994-2000. I took merit badge classes in every area. I worked in the First Year Camper (Eaglebound) area, Aquatics area, and was the director of the Scoutcraft area for a year.


My account of RCM is extremely biased and may be out of date, but take my info as genuine. RCM is and AWESOME place to camp. There is so much to do. The activities are great. The Aquatics area is excellent. The High Adventure Sailing trip is an awesome experience. You will sail around 3/4 of Kentucky Lake which is the largest lake (by area) east of the Mississippi. In my time, the staffers were all good people with a mindset for fun.


I try to make it there for visits every once in a while but life is busy. When I retire, my wish is to volunteer there every summer.


If you do attend this summer, I hope you are satisfied. Also, if the aquatics shed still exists or the old shed door is still around, the nicknames of all the lifeguards since 1988 (?) are written on it. I am on there somewhere as Puffdaddy.


One more thing, if you do visit RCM, please offer your reverence to the monument to Gene Boaz near the mess hall. He was an extraordinary man who pioneered the High Adventure sailing program at RCM. He lived the latter part of this life for that camp and made it better each day.


Best of luck to you.


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