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Outdoor Skills, no good way to abbreviate?

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It seems like there is there no good way to abbreviate "Outdoor Skills". I struck down the initial initials at first glance. I mean, if we're going to call ourselves the OS maybe we should have little skulls on the front of our hats... no, just no. Slightly less objectionable is using the first letter of each syllable, ODS which would seem to be literally pronounced as odious or phonetically as odds. I thought about throwing in the final R on Outdoor, but that left ODRS, which is longer to literally say than the original Outdoor Skills, or phonetically pronounced as odors, which doesn't sound so great either.


Maybe "odds" is the least objectionable?

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Skills Used For Frequent Environmental Retreats




Woodcraft Hyped In Managed Personal Skills




Scout Woodcraft Activity Training




National Outdoor Gathering Orientation


Man, I ought to be working for BSA' PR department (or better yet, working at my job like I'm supposed to be doing right now)





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