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summer camp options?

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Feedback is a gift:



- had lost the camp director two weeks into the summer

- many of the staff seemed to be just going through the paces

- hygiene was an issue in the mess hall

- virus spread through camp (origin unknown but thought to hav e originated from latrine overflow near the pool)

- food was bad

- leader guide contained program offerings they had no intention of having"


A business letter from your IH/COR to the Council SE of the this camp is in order.


Spreading the word, through your Professionals/Commissioner, that this camp does not pass muster, may well be in order.


News of good customer service travels a bit, and not very fast.


News of bad customer service travels far and swiftly.


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Yes, we have sent a formal letter. I feel bad for the camp ranger and the staff that were trying hard. They were left in the lurch by the director leaving and her poor hiring decisions. All that left the camp staff scrambling to cover missing program areas. Making it worse was that we were at CDB last year which made the differences in camps even more stark.


I have no doubt they can fix the problems. I spoke to the DE and CE (who were at the camp taking time out of their vacation to help make things better) and they are aware of the issues and are taking proactive steps to make things better. Heck, I even told them if I were running things I would use CDB as a template as I think they (CDB) have things right. At least they did in 2011. ;-)

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The fun of camping is just amazing. The experience gained by any person by visiting new places, survive with limited supplies and ultimately face different conditions together feels great. Out of so many camping suggestions it certainly becomes a little tough to decide that what sort of adventure should be selected to have a good time.

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May I ask why you want your HA guys staying in camp? Most have an age limit that scouts should be able to go off site and take care of themselves.
It falls under what the boys want. Many boys love to return from excursions to the same campfire as the rest of the troop.

Our scout camp (http://heritagereservation.org/) offers day-trek programs that older boys can opt into. In fact, that seems to satisfy most boy's "itch."

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After two years of discussion and promotion of a variety of different camps out there, the one dynamic that seems to be missing out is: What do the boys want for a summer camp experience? Too often we as adults think we know what the boys want or what the troop's program would be best benefited by a certain camp. Yet to let the boys go on the internet and pick out their own camp just doesn't seem to be a prevalent option here. I did this one year and the boys found a camp they really liked and unanimously voted every year to return to that same camp. It was a patrol-method camp with no mess hall. It had no rock climbing opportunity, but did well at the waterfront that they preferred. As long as my boys were happy, so was I. It worked out very nicely.

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