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We just got back and had a great time! The dining hall would have been about a 45 minute drive, so unfortunately, I'm not able to comment on that. And the closest hotel would have been well over an hour away, so that probably wouldn't work too well, either!


The camp was basically comparable to a state park campground, and there was just the right amount of activities for a naturally grumpy person like myself. There were one or two crafts most days, but the main draw was the beach (including boating) which was open most of the day. We actually didn't avail ourselves of the option, but I asked whether it was OK to have the kids go to the beach by themselves, and they said it was. And since water safety is one of the things that the BSA does extraordinarily well, we knew that would be a safe option.


There was no open field that I was able to see. :-)

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I took my son to Parent/Son weekend at our council camp when he was a first year Webelos . Yeah, we had camped many times before that, this was just the first time he went to council camp.


Not sure about your council, but in ours, fall Parent/Son camping is more geared towards the first time campers and the new Tiger Cubs.


Activities are really gearded to Tigers and - if you push it - the Wolves too. Bears and Webelos are just out of luck.


So anyways, after about 10 am on the first organized day, my son tells me that the activities are babyish and that the bb gus suck.


I asked him if he wanted to go home. He said he rather hang out at camp, being in the woods, and all that comes with camping than to go home.


So the point being, while it may not be what I call true camping , he saw it as better than being at home or camping like his mom liks to do : Hint...Holiday Inn is roughing it to her.


Right now, the only reason we are not camping as a pack or on our own is that it's just too hot and humid. Just waiting til it cools down so we can camp, cook and hang around the campfire!

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