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Goshen or Brady Saunders

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My troop is considering attending one of these camps (Goshen or Brady Saunders)next year.


Pros for Goshen

A. It is our council camp

B. It has been in operation for over 40 years

C. The troop is familiar with this camp

D. The older scouts like the Lenhocksin Trail program

F. Being the council camp,the scouts can earn discounts through popcorn and other council programs.



Pros for Brady Saunders:

A. The younger scouts prefer this camp

B. The distance is about a third of the distance to Goshen

C. The staff and food are exemplary judging from previous expierence

D. The program is more suited for the newer scouts

E. The fees are cheaper than Goshen.

F. Like Goshen,this camp is over 40 years old.

G. Exceptionally well maintained




CONS about Goshen:

A. The food and staff are notably lesser quality in recent years past,most notably 2007 and 2008.

B.The distance is roughly 250 miles,and with a small troop with limited resources,and adults,this preents a challenge if something were to happen.

C.Cost is higher per scout and adult



CONS about Brady Saunders:

A. The scouts are "wearing out" this camp,meaning they have attended 3 times in past 5 years.

B. The older scouts are less interested.





Another camp in consideration is Powhatan,however,this camp is 300 miles away.I need 4 adult commitment to confirm the scouts were to attend either Goshen or Powhatan. With a troop of 11,and adults spread very thin,this is not an easy task.




Any suggestions?




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I have personally never been to Goshen, so this is just going to be about Brady Saunders. I went there as a camper, five or so years ago. I did not like it at all, this of course came after going to bigger camps like Raven Knob and Otari for years. The staff was not pleasant at all. This could have been because it was the last week, but from experience being on camp staff, you should treat it as if it's your first. The food was terrible, it was reheated Stouffers meals. The kitchen staff brought out a hot rack with a bunch of tinfoil covered pans, you got one of those and a pan or bowl of sides. Not good quality. In fact the mashed potatoes actually bleached my friends hat...program was average, they had normal summer camp activities/mbs. Overall one of my worst summer camp experiences. This of course was five years ago, and you mentioned that you have had good experiences.


I did not go to Powhatan, but I did go to Otari for one summer camp, that was great. It rivaled Raven Knob for me. The main reason was for the staff, the facilities weren't the greatest, but I barely noticed because of how much fun I was having. Again these were years ago and they are not likely to have all the same staff, but I know camp run similar from year to year.


Now because of my working there, I have to mention Bayport Scout Reservation. I know this is a bit farther, but I just have to mention it. Great camp for new and older scouts. Not really the best for midranged scouts, but a wealth of merit-badges. A great camping experience.


I would like to point out I am not at all biased, and would greatly point out all the flaws of the camp I work at too, I want to see your boys have the best summer camp experience possible. I also agree that a change of pace is good every few years, you can get tired of the same old camp program

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My troop attended Bayport in 2010. They liked the program,and it is the closest camp to where I live.The food was good,and the staff very helpful.It will remain in our "loop".However,they seemed to prefer Brady Saunders.They really like Saunders COPE course,and rifle range.Plus,the James River trip has high marks in my troop,also.

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Our boys like going to Shenandoah. Very close to Goshen. They went to Goshen last year and had a very bad experience. Program was ok but the food was lousy. The boys were hungry after every meal. Staff ate very well though. The boys have said they won't go back to Goshen again.

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tagguy -

We've been to both, and my advice is to head north! How about Rodney on the Chesapeake Bay? Or Camp Spencer in the Broad Creek Scout Reservation? There are a number of excellent camps in the mountains southern PA that are much cooler that those in southern VA!

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