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Resica Falls - Yea or Nay?

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Resica is a good camp. Been there 4 times for summer program. They recently built a new pool, shower house and a dining hall. Good summer program. They have tubing down the falls creek. The only thing to keep in mind is the scheduling of activities at the lake. As Sbemis1 mentioned, it is hike up the mountain to the lake (although the boys never complained, just us old guys)

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Resica is a great camp, it is a mainstay in our program...and has been since I was a youth. Since Treasure Island was forced to close, Unami Lodge was moved to Resica. If you have any arrowmen in your unit, they might find it interesting to visit the founding Lodge.

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From what I've heard the program and food are good.


The one negative that I've heard from at least 2 troops is that it was somewhat overcrowded. They were running 600+ campers a week this summer. One scoutmaster said that they were sharing a campsite with 3 other troops.


With that said, my troop had a good experience and are planning to return as far as I know.

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Thanks everyone for your replies

Nugent725, yes we have arrowmen (myself included) and I am sure they would be interested in visiting the founding lodge. Although being Lodge 2 we always have to live in your shadow. LOL :)

PhillyScout, I have checked with Resica Falls and unit of our size will not have to share a campsite.

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Resica is not the worst camp I've been to but its far from the best. My Troop attended Resica in 2009 and 2005. I was greatly underwhelmed - especially by the staff. Maybe I've just been spoiled or have high standards, but while the facilities were nice the camp didn't have as much Scout spirit and energy as I hoped.


My Troop has attended summer camp at many of the other camps in the area - Ockanickon, Goose Pond, Settlers, Hawk Mountain, and Minsi. While Resica is better than some of those, the BEST, by far, is Camp Minsi. We attended in 2004, 2008, 2010 and are already signed up for 2011. If you're looking for a great Scout camp in the Poconos, I would highly suggest taking a look at Minsi. They're located in Pocono Summit, PA - which is just minutes down the road from Resica. Their program, staff, and property is phenomenal. Camp Minsi, to me, examplifies what a Scout camp should be.

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Our unit went to Resica for years, took a break and went to Ockanickon for a bit and now for the past 4 years have gone back to Resica.


It is the camp I attended as a boy - so lot's of great memories for me.


From the boys perspective:


1. The lake is far away.

2. The new dining hall is a HUGE improvement.

3. Merit badge counselors are willing to work with boys during non-badge time.

4. The camp itself has several 'feature' water holes. Fossil Rock, Cool Dip (in another council owned camp that would require a drive) and others.


From my perspective:


I was not impressed with the remainder of the program. The staff wasn't overly friendly like I've seen them in the past. 2009 was better than 2010.


We are going back again next year. We plan to do a tour of camps this year and make a change most likely next year.

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