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Cub Family Camp in the rain

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I'm taking my Cub (Bear this fall) to Cub Scout Family Camp this weekend.


The weather report for Saturday is 90, High Humidity and 91% chance of servere thuderstorms.


Most of the activities scheduled will be canceled (BB guns, Archery, Fishing) if it's raining


I'm not real confident that the 2 DE's running it will have enough indoor activites to keep my son's interest.

Arts and crafts will only keep him interested for 15 min. at the most.


I would like to bring additional activites to keep at least the other Cubs from our PAck that are going busy.


What activites do you do at Cub Camp during the rain?

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Do something Cub Scouts everywhere have dreamed of doing.


Build their own pinewood derby car.


Set up the track buys some kits, rope off an area for scouts only and let them glue and put them together. Use pennies to come close the weight. Maybe a file or some sand paper. Forget axle polishing.



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Depending on the space you have, a raingutter regatta can also be done indoors. The boats are easier to make than PWD cars, too.


Also (depending on the space):

- Knots, whipping the ends of a rope, rope tricks

- Whittlin' Chip

- Basic first aid (Cubs don't have to wait for Readyman!)

- Make a weather vane, build a weather station

- Flag-folding

- Map & compass basics can be done at a table (check for metal parts)

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It is gonna rain, so what??????????



Go have fun, let the boys play in the rain. Take a hike in the rain, fish in the rain, Play kick ball in the rain.



Don't cancel day because of the liquid sunshine.



Just keep an eye on the sky, figure your evac or severe whether plan ready. I take a weather radio just in case.



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I'd agree, but in this case there was a 91 percent chance of severe thunderstorms. Many parents would justifiably have a conniption if you told Johnny to go hold a metal pole by the edge of the pond with lightning coming down.


Hope all is going OK!

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Rather than planning something for your pack only, volunteer to help staff the event. Plan many of the suggested items, but, try to incorporate them for the whole event and not just your pack.


For my part, it doesn't rain the the Boy Scouts, it rains ON the Boy Scouts.


Don't play with lightning, have a back up plan.

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