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That one thing.....

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Lots of great suggestions!




Folding chair with footrest for afternoon check of the back of your eyelids. I usually get about 45 minutes which is very refreshing.


Day pack with some goodies to toss to the scouts as you pass 'em around camp. ( hard candy usually ).




Ditto Ed on the coffee!






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Or if you have the rash already it makes if bearable, btw I do use the foot powder everywhere, iffn it stings you have a problem there, but it will shut a rash down overnight. Prolly not a good idea for those with sensitive or thin skin, ie youth. I keep expecting Gold Bond to go on the list of stuff that must be kept at the first aid station.

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*1/4" sash cord, 100'. Twice.

*Gaffer tape (duct tape if you must)

*"GOOP" (an adhesive/filler that can fix lots of things). Note the labels are different, chemically it is the same.

*2x4 blocks to sit the cot up that much higher so the camp trunk will slide under.

*Hachet, good pocket knife, (adult use only as age of Scout allows)

*Camp chair, solid bottom, not sling type.

*Makings of campsite "gateway" to welcome visitors to "YOUR" campsite.

See what pride of ownership does for your Scouts! ??Signs for each of your Patrol sections??

*Binoculars and bird book.

*BIG trash bags for rain use, dirty clothes use, etc.


"Optimism, patience, and good humor". And a high panic threshold...

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Well, just got back yesterday. That was one of the best weeks I have ever spent in my life. If anyone is thinking about a week at Camp Old Indian in S.C., go for it. The staff was fantastic and the place was beautiful.


Another great thing is watching the new scouts. As the week went by, so did the "new".


And yes, thanks for the Gold Bond Body Powder tip. I was the keeper of the Magic Powder for boys that walk funny.

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